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  • (Oka on playing the character Hiro) Oka: I love collaborating and the writers have been so generous and open to let me improvise.

  • Oka: The biggest thing, you know, is that he gets to live his dream of being a superhero, which is something he's dreamt of being all his life, and I get to live the dream of being on a great show, working with so many people and touching so many lives.

  • (On why his mother chooses to stay in Japan rather than accompany him to the Emmy Awards) Masi: My mom is actually very superstitious. She tells me every time she's in Japan, she gets good news, like 'I got nominated for a Golden Globe,' or 'I got nominated for an Emmy.' Anytime she's in the states, she gets bad news, like, 'I want to be an actor.'

  • Masi: I'm bad with women, but Heroes definitely helped me improve my social skills, and helped me not get rejected so much.

  • Masi: When I was a kid, I really wanted telekinesis so I didn't have to leave my couch for the remote.

  • Masi: Don’t tell someone they’re a nerd or that they can only act. You can do whatever you want. The sky is limitless. Only you can create your dreams.

  • Masi: You know, I've actually been very good about not going on the Internet, I only look at things that my publicist and my friends send me, although I did see this one thing that my publicist sent me, I went online and it said, "oh my god, Hiro Nakamura, I love him so much. I want to make him my pet. I want to lock him up, talk to him, kiss him, I want to make him literally my pet." You know what, as long as they feed me, I'm all for it.

  • (Interviewed by Ausiello and asked,"What can we expect for the season finale for Heroes?") Masi: *** **** ***L *** ** * **Y ****,***? Ausiello: Are you ripping off my astericks? (Masi tilts his head) Masi: Am I? Note: After the interview Ausiello left frustraited and flattered.

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  • Although Masi Oka's career is in acting he is also considered the job role of a Technical Director.

  • Masi Oka's first name is pronounced as "mah-see".

  • *In 2007 Masi was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive. *In 2006 Masi was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive.

  • List of Films He Has Been Part of the Digital Effects Team of: 1998 - Mighty Joe Young as the CG technical assistant: Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) 1999 - Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace as the visual effects production and technical support: ILM 2000 - The Perfect Storm as the digital artist: ILM 2002 - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones as the digital effects artist: ILM 2003 - Hulk as the technical director: ILM 2003 - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines as the CG artist: ILM 2005 - Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as the digital artist: ILM 2005 - War of the Worlds as the digital artist: ILM 2006 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest as the digital artist: ILM

  • He has played "World of Warcraft" extensively and he ran a guild at the "Spinebreaker Realm."

  • He graduated from Harvard-Westlake School on 1992 and he graduated from Brown University in 1997.

  • Masi has an IQ of 180-plus.

  • Masi is a huge New York Rangers fan and is often seen cheering at the stands with his co-star and friend Milo Ventimiglia who plays "Peter Petrelli" on the hit show "Heroes."

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