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  • Matthew: (discussing Twitter) I was on, Joe was on and Kirsten was on. That was around the time all the other losers got on. We're moments away from being all onboard, which I'm proud to take a tiny bit of credit for. [Moore] texted me pretty late last week: "I'm going to Brazil, but when I get back, I'm signing up for Twitter!" I like tweeting as him. Any time I get to play a joke on Shemar, I'm happy, and I think he feels the same. That's some of my favorite stuff. I might just continue doing that.

  • Matthew: (describing Criminal Minds' untitled spin-off show starring Forest Whitaker) It's like 'Criminal Minds: Lower East Village.'

  • Matthew: (discussing his directorial debut on Criminal Minds) If given the choice, I would direct every episode of the show for free.

  • Matthew: (when asked if he will be dancing again after his knee injury in 2009) I'm on very strict instructions not to do anything until October of 2010. I can't really do anything other than walk, so no running or dancing. I'm sure the show won't believe me when I say that. They really have no understanding. They've called my doctor, and I think they think my doctor is like a paid actor who's lying to them.

  • Matthew: (discussing his knee injury in 2009) I just basically dismantled the knee to the point where they were talking about experimental surgeries in Norway. They weren't even going to try what they did because they thought it might be a lost cause. But they screwed me back together, hoping it would work and thinking it wouldn't, and luckily my body completely took back everything. A lot of times cartilage won't re-adhere because there's not much blood in it, but it was a miracle that it worked. I ended up not losing anything at all. I'm pretty much back to normal.

  • Matthew: (about being offered the role on Criminal Minds) I was like 'They really wanna cast me?' and they [Criminal Minds producer] were like 'yeah.' and I was like 'cool.'

  • Matthew: (about the first season of Criminal Minds) The first season of the show I convinced myself I was becoming a profiler and I would find myself watching my friends and saying 'Oh, he's not eating all that he must..' then I realize I'm not really that smart at seeing that someone has a half plate of food isn't really that much of a genius attribute.

  • Matthew: (about his family) My family still knows I'm an idiot, thank god.

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  • In 2013, Matthew won an Emmy Award for¬†Outstanding New Approaches - Original Daytime Program or Series in his work on The Beauty Inside.

  • Matthew is an Eagle Scout.

  • Matthew directed the music videos Don't Shoot Me Santa by The Killers as well as Reagan and My Electric Underwear by Whirlwind Heat.

  • Matthew has a fear of blood (hemophobia).

  • Simon (played by Matthew Gray Gubler in Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007) and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Sqweakuel (2009)) was the highly intelligent chipmunk much like Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.

  • In 2000, Matthew starred in a student film called Scarf Day, directed by Andrew Seger. In this film, Matthew is barely recognizable because he doesn't have under-eye circles, he was a bit heavier, and he was wearing matching socks.

  • In addition to being an actor, director and model, Matthew is also a sketch artist.

  • Matthew says that Wes Anderson is his favorite director.

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