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  • Melissa George: (On which was the physically toughest and grueling situations when working on the films "30 Days of Night", "Waz", and "Turistas") Turistas, working in the jungle. It was rough. It was rough climates, rough sets, but really realistic.

  • Melissa George: (On director David Slade bringing the same vibe he had on his previous film "Hard Candy") Absolutely. Only because the way he shoots, it's about the actors. It's about the acting, and it's here. [demonstrates a close shot] A 150 lens is a wide shot for David Slade...[As with] Hard Candy, everything was really tight. And what he does is, as the story gets deeper and deeper, he goes closer and closer to the actors' faces, and then he pulls back. And that's the scariest, pulling back to a wide. He's very clever with his lenses and his storytelling, and with his actors.

  • Melissa George: (On the story in the film "30 Days of Night" being set in Barrow, Alaska and shooting in New Zealand.) Yeah. We shot in Queenstown in the snow, and all you could see was snow for miles, which is perfect for the beginning of the film. And then we built the Alaskan town of Barrow four times over in Auckland. And it's fake snow, but you realize you need to work with fake snow because you can't work in cold temperatures like that.

  • Melissa George: (On her acting range comparing the movie Amityville Horror to Turistas) I'm glad you saw that! That's why I wanted to do it. I wanted to do something young...and I just wanted to sort of mix it up.

  • Melissa George: (About her role Sadie on "Grey's Anatomy") Sadie gets a job at Seattle Grace due to her father, which is yet to be explored. She's taking a leadership role at the intern society, which is hysterically funny. I haven't stopped laughing for six weeks.

  • Melissa George: (on Barack Obama, prior to the 2008 presidential election) He's our Martin Luther King. He represents hope and change - the opposite of where (the US) is now. I would feel very safe living in America if he were president, he is an amazing man.

  • Melissa George: The thing is you never know how it's going to work out. The good thing for me is that because of my husband, my stepdaughter, the fact that I wasn't caught up 100 per cent in Hollywood, I didn't obsess about progress or success.

  • Melissa George: I just thought doing something tasteful in Playboy would have more of a knock-on effect outside Australia. The whole idea was to do something that resonated in a constructive way. Not just to be famous.

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  • Melissa learned a bit of Portuguese for the movie Turistas.

  • Melissa claims that she was a class clown in high school.

  • Melissa was a huge Grey's Anatomy fan even before joining the cast for the show.

  • Melissa is a talented roller skater who took home bronze medals in national competitions in 1989 and 1990 and a silver medal in 1991.

  • Melissa's nicknames are Mel, Gorgeous George and Roo.

  • Melissa described her role in the psychological thriller The Triangle one of the most difficult roles she has performed.

  • After meeting Chilean film director, Claudio Dabed, in Bali in 1998, the couple married on September 22nd, 2000. Claudio has one child, daughter Martina (born in 1995), from a previous marriage.

  • As a child, Melissa studied various styles of dance which included jazz, tap, ballet, and modern dance.

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