Michael Jeter

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  • Michael: (On growing up in a conservative community while knowing he was gay) I knew instinctually that I had to get out of there if I was ever going to understand what [my] difference was and get comfortable with it.

  • Michael: I know that I am not what one normally thinks of as, let's say, fit for fantasy. I am not a romantic lead, and that's fine....There was a time in my life when I hated myself for being so sort of squirrelly looking and odd.

  • Michael: (On his character, Herman Stiles, from Evening Shade) He is not perfect in any sense of the word. Everyone is Herman on some level.

  • Michael: (During his acceptance speech at the 1990 Tonys) If you've got a problem with alcohol and drugs and think you can't stop, I stand here as living proof.

Trivia (14)

  • Michael's family includes his parents, Dr. William and Virginia Jeter, his brother William, and his four sisters, Virginia, Amanda, Emily, and Larie.

  • When Michael first started working on stage, he began in Baltimore, Maryland because he had heard it was hard to work in New York City without an equity card.

  • Michael's longtime boyfriend was Sean Blue. The two were together until Michael's death.

  • Michael was 5'4"(1.524 meters) tall.

  • Several Hollywood stars attended Michael's funeral,including Robin Williams, Tom Hanks and Kevin Costner.

  • During the 1980's, Michael struggled with alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Michael actually quit the film business in 1983 to become a legal secretary, but returned when he was asked to perform the role of Herman Stiles in Evening Shade.

  • Right before he died, Michael completed his last movie, which was The Polar Express.

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