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  • Audiences have morphed in a funny way. People who saw the movie were now coming to see the play, and they don't know how to shut up and watch a live show anymore. People were missing stuff because they were talking, translating things for each other, talking about how it was different than the movie. And I'm like, shut up until after the show. It's like people decide that a $110 ticket gives them permission to do what they want regardless of the fact that there's a live show up on that stage.

  • I used to love doughnuts. I can't do it anymore. If I ate every doughnut that looked good to me, I'd be 300 pounds.

  • Michael: We see a lot of musicals in the course of our lives: classics that aren't so classic, supposedly groundbreaking stuff that doesn't break more than wind. And we thought, 'We can do that,'" McKean says. We've written about a dozen songs, and we need to write a few more. Every day we get closer to putting it all together.

  • Michael: I think there's also a sense that people watching TV feel their lives are equal to the people — the characters — they see on these allegedly real shows. And these viewers are starting to live like they're on TV. Cell phones have a lot to do with it, and all the public conversations, the breakups, the settling hash with each other in full view. We now overhear what used to be private and secret. The line is sufficiently blurred.

  • Michael: the word reality has gone the way of genius as a completely devalued word. It doesn't mean what it's supposed to mean.

  • Michael : I know... I'm pretty smart, aren't I?

  • Michael : Well, the boys in Spinal Tap aren't quite as bright as the guys in The Folksmen.

  • Michael : That's a job that it makes a few friendships, but it probably breaks more.

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  • Michael is of English, Irish and Scottish descent.

  • Michael is starring in a new Tracy Lett's play Superior Donuts in Chicago. He plays Arthur the owner of a rundown donut shop.

  • Michael is scheduled to appear on Broadway in a play by Harold Pinter, The Homecoming with Ian McShane of Tv's Lovejoy. The production, to be directed by Daniel Sullivan, will play the Cort Theatre beginning November 16, with an official opening set for December 4.

  • Michael, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer are reunited to join a campaign to save the world from global warming. Spinal Tap will be playing July 7 at one of Live Earth London Concerts.

  • Michael is collaborating with wife Annette on an original musical. He's keeping the details to himself, but he says the show is proceeding nicely.

  • Michael is shooting a political-themed pilot directed by Christopher Guest called The Thick of It.

  • Michael is in the Christopher Guest film For Your Consideration. He is reunited with his Spinal Tap cohorts, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest. Michael plays one of the screenwriters of Home for Purim, the fictional film within the film.

  • Michael played the role of Snow Miser in the live action version of the 1974 classic The Year Without Santa Claus. This made-for-TV movie aired Dec. 11 2006 on NBC.

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