Michelle Ray Smith

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Star on Inkubus


9/24/1982, Troy, Michigan

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  • Michelle Ray Smith had planned to become a colorist and make-up artist after graduating high school, when just a few months later, life took an unexpected turn and she was discovered. A modeling scout took one look at Michelle and set her up with an agency in New York. She had just turned 18 years old and was broke, but she was on her way to a very successful career as a print model. For 6 years she appeared on various magazine covers and editorials and in several commercials as a spokes model. The Michigan native traveled the world, but all the while wished to put down roots and make a home in New York City, where her career began. A short while later Michelle auditioned for a role on the long-running CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She got the part, and on August 24, 2005 made her debut as "Ava Peralta" and started a new chapter in her life. In July 2008, Michelle gave birth to her first child, Jacob, a beautiful baby boy.moreless



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    Troy, Michigan

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    • Michelle: (on rebuilding homes in Biloxi, MS with the cast of "Guiding Light") I worked on the Sheetrock, in a house where we did the drywall. It was extremely rewarding to see everything develop and to see walls go up and see the structure grow. It was pretty wild. I was able to identify with a part of my life that I really miss. I miss getting dirty and going out and building things and making things.

    • Michelle: My father's death has changed my life in really amazing ways. I started being really honest about the things in my life that I wanted to improve on. It sounds strange, but I'm thankful for that. Plus, I get to talk about it and help people, so for me that's worth its weight in gold.

    • Michelle: (how she motivates herself to say in shape) I tell myself, 'I didn't get to where I am in my life by being passive or wimpy. Come on and suck it up!' If I want to look great and feel great about myself, I have to put the work in.

    • Michelle: (on her travels as a model) I've traveled almost all over the world and have been everywhere from Paris to Tokyo to Scotland to Madagascar. When I was in Paris I had a chance to go to the Louvre and check out some museums.

    • Michelle: I love cooking and I love entertaining and I love making stuff for people and feeding them and watering them and having them over to my house. It's just so unselfish and such a great way to visit and hang out and share your stories.

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    • In early 2008, Michelle announced that she and long time boyfriend, Michael Layden, were expecting their first child. The baby is due July 21, 2008. The pregnancy was written into her storyline on Guiding Light.

    • Michelle became involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention after losing her father to suicide.

    • Michelle, and her Guiding Light co-star Murray Bartlett, appeared in a fashion spread for CBS's Watch! Magazine.

    • Michelle met her boyfriend, Brian, via an internet dating site. Her profile heading on the site says, "I am more like Cameron Diaz than Paris Hilton."

    • Michelle, an animal lover, owns several dogs and supports both the Humane Society and the Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund.

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