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  • Michelle: (on her Gossip Girl character) Georgina will be there at the end. Georgina should sleep with every one of the male characters on the show. I think it's not fair to single one out. Even though she's married, she's an equal opportunity offender. I look forward to bedding every Upper East Side boy..as Georgina!

  • Michelle: (on the worst thing said to her in NYC) It's probably been more recent, since I've grown into my womanly form. You know, you'll walk by a construction site and it's like, "You kiss your mama with that ass?" What does that even mean? I don't kiss my mama with my ass because it's back there! My lips are up here, so that's weird. It worked though, 'cause I turned around and was like, "What does that mean?!" So he won.

  • Michelle: (on the question about getting a tattoo) No tattoo. I don't enjoy needles. So, people won't ever have to worry about me getting a big 'ol tattoo across the back, no.

  • Michelle: (on what she would like to study in college) I would study film. I was accepted into USC as well as the film school, because that's two separate processes. But I wouldn't study theatre. I've never taken any acting classes. I don't believe anyone has a right to tell me how to be an actress other than my director, so I've never responded to that. I would study the history of film, I'd study producing and directing and just the beauty of film.

  • Michelle: (on her character from Love Bites) I thought Jodie's a really fun character, I've never really shot in a strip club before, so that was a fun experience. I was clearly overdressed. So embarrassing. It was fun.

  • Michelle: The boys didn't like me in high school. No one ever asked me out. Uh yeah, they were really mean to me. Actually I was doing an interview because I'm promoting a movie called Seventeen Again, and so the big question is "wouldn't you want to be seventeen again?" No, I really don't. I'm happy. I didn't have boobs when I was seventeen. I have boobs now. It's fantastic. I really enjoy them.

  • Michelle: (on playing a villain) I've never really understood those actors that don't want to play villains. Because if an audience leaves, you know, the theater or, you know, sitting on the couch thinking, "god I hate her," then you've done a good job.

  • Michelle: (on her preferences between comedy and drama) I do like doing both, but drama can be sometimes a little more exciting because you never know what's going to happen. I think comedies are a little harder because if it's actually funny, then it's really difficult to stop laughing.

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  • Michelle, along with Ashley Judd, Katy Mixon, and Eliza Coupe, participated in a Funny Or Die video that was a satirical take on Rick Santorum dropping out of the 2012 Presidential race.

  • In 2012, Michelle did a public service announcement against bullying. It was done in conjunction with the release of the film Bully.

  • Michelle won the 2004 Radio Free Movie Award for Best Kiss for her role in Eurotrip.

  • Michelle is not into method acting -- the form of dramatic acting where the actor identifies closely with their character.

  • Michelle really hates peanut butter.

  • Michelle has an older sister named Irene.

  • Michelle attended the 2012 Art of Elysium Gala in Los Angelas, CA. on January 16th.

  • Magazines:
    Michelle appeared on the cover of the February/March 2005 issue of Girl's Life magazine.
    Voted number 86 in the Maxim "Hot 100 of 2007" list.
    She was the covergirl for theMarch 2011 edition of Maxim, and was voted number 27 in the 2011 Maxim "Hot 100" list.
    In 2011, she was listed on US Weekly's 25 most Stylish New Yorkers.

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