Mike Goldman

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  • Mike: (on his favourite "FNL" night of 2007) Definitely 'Nightmare Night! We loved watching the housemates squirm when they ate horrible stuff - we still can't believe Daniela ate a fish eye.

Trivia (23)

  • Mike is the narrator for Australian broadcasts of the television series Meerkat Manor.

  • Mike has his own website.

  • Mike's favourite drink is Beer.

  • Mike is the ground announcer for the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles rugby league team.

  • Mike's most embarrassing moment was when he insulted Miriam about her sexuality during Big Brother Australia 2004. Miriam was a house guest at the time.

  • Mike's favorite housemates from Big Brother Australia over the years are Reggie and Kerien.

  • During one of Mike's Up-Late shows for Big Brother Australia 2006, he was joined by one of the goats in the house and it took a pee and a poo all over the couch and himself.

  • Mike has two sisters, Mel and Rochana and two brothers, Jay and Luke.

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