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  • Mike: The myth that pigs are actually a "clean" animal is a myth.

  • Mike: (Talking about a dream job in the future) A cool, comfortable, climate-controlled studio with hot coffee, far from sewers and toilets.

  • Discovery Channel: What's been more surprising: the success of the show or the difficulty of producing it? Mike: Well, the biggest surprise was the fact that Discovery gave Dirty Jobs a chance in the first place. A show about manual labor, blood, sweat, and poo is a hard sell to a family network.

  • Discovery Channel: Along the way, you've been kicked by horses, stung by hornets, chased by alligators, attacked by monkeys, and exposed to a dozen different toxic substances. You've gotten stitches. Your contacts have been melted to your eyes by a blast furnace. You've been bitten by snakes, ostriches, penguins, catfish and several sharks. Mike: You make it sound like fun.

  • Discovery Channel: In addition to 130 Dirty Jobs, you narrate "American Chopper" and "American Hot Rod." We've sent you to Alaska twice to host and narrate "Deadliest Catch." You also spent three weeks in North Africa hosting "Egypt Week Live." Additionally, you went to South Africa to host "Shark Week," which turned out to be the highest rated "Shark Week" in network history. Mike: I do remember something about sharks.

  • Discovery Channel: You've completed 100 different Dirty Jobs in just over a year. That seems like some sort of record. Mike: Actually, the current total is 130. By this time tomorrow, it'll be 131.

  • Question from viewer: Have you ever had a really bad sickness from one of the dirty jobs that you've done in the past? Mike Rowe:No, thankfully. There is, however, a fairly long litany of infirmaries and minor injuries. I won't bore you with a list — it's long. Lately, though, the shooting schedule has made it impossible for me to conceal the slings and arrows of outrageous television. In the coming season, the wear and tear will be more noticeable and you may notice the fruits of my dirty labors in the very visible shape of eye infections, pronounced limps and most recently, a missing tooth. Do I have a great job or what?

  • Mike Rowe: (in front of a hot furnace) I feel heat in a place where a man's not supposed to feel heat.

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  • Mike Rowe once hosted The Most on the History Channel.

  • Mike Rowe is a baritone.

  • Mike Rowe has starred in a number of Ford commercials.

  • Mike has some routines that he follows while arriving at his hotel room. First he checks to see if got everything he asked for. Then he takes the tv remote and the phone and wraps them in the bed blanket. And throws them into the corner of the room.

  • While filming Dirty Jobs Mike was gone for more than 300 days of the year. He spent these days in hotels on the road.

  • During an episode of Dirty Jobs Mike went to New Orleans to help with the clean up of the city after hurricane Katrina.

  • Mike inspired the article "Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe - Is Mike Rowe at Risk for Lung Disease?" by Stacey Lloyd in a free newsletter on Lung Disease online.

  • Mike's favorite quote from Dirty Jobs: "Be careful what you wish for."

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