Mink Stole

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Star on Eating Out: Drama Camp


Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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  • A cult figure of a fabulous status, Mink Stole was born in 1947. From her school years she befriended John Waters, and was a member of the "Dreamlanders", his collaborators in his early cinematic "atrocities" (1966-71), of which she performed in Roman Candles (1966), Mondo Trasho (1969)- in which she played a crazed topless tap-dancer in a lunatic asylum- and Multiple Maniacs (1970). After having various supporting roles in Waters' first experimental films, she played one of the leading parts, the unforgettable Connie Marble, in his camp masterpiece, Pink Flamigos (1972), a film that recently featured in Film4's 50 Films To See Before You Die. Flame-haired and vindictive, Connie and her husband clash with Divine's family for the title of 'The Filthiest People Alive'. In Waters' next film, Female Trouble (1974), Mink had the memorable role of Taffy, the seriously maladjusted teenage daughter of Divine's character Dawn Davenport. Mistreated by Dawn, Taffy's games include playing 'car accident'. In a final act of rebellion, Taffy becomes a Hare Krishna before being throttled to death by her own mother! It is perhaps worth noting that Taffy was supposed to be fourteen whilst, in reality, Mink was approximately twenty-seven. Waters offered her another leading part in Desperate Living (1977), and Mink Stole offered the world the equally memorable role of Peggy Gravel- a neurotic housewife, recovering from a breakdown, who is prone to paranoia that someone is trying to kill her and absolutely hysterical outbursts (against her children, her husband and even a hapless phone-caller who dials the wrong number). After Desperate Living, her next role for Waters was as the corn-rowed ‘other woman’ in 1981’s Polyester. Her roles became more supporting as his films became more mainstream but she has still featured in nearly all of his films. Her most notable supporting roles include Tammy in Hairspray (1988), the harassed Dottie Hinkle in Serial Mom (1994) and as Marge the Neuter in A Dirty Shame (2004). Whilst best known for her collaborations with John Waters, Mink has worked extensively in movies, appearing in such films as Forever Fabulous (1999), But I'm A Cheerleader (1999), Girl Play (2004), and slasher-flick pastiche Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The Thirteenth (2000). Mink Stole currently resides in Los Angeles.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Nancy Paine Stoll



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    Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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    • Mink has a brief cameo in the new musical version of Hairspray- she can be seen as a woman smoking in the street.

    • Mink supplied her own outfit and did her own hair and make-up for Pink Flamingos. Whilst her outfit was ruined, she still has the cat’s-eye glasses (which she got from the Jewish quarter in Baltimore!)

    • Mink started her singing career after a friend saw her in a stage production of The Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare, where she played a character who had to sing, and wrote a song for her.

    • In his book Shock Value, John Waters describes Mink as 'probably the best actress I've ever worked with'.

    • Mink worked as the receptionist at Harper's Magazine in New York for a year before her colleagues realised she was in films, even though many of them had seen Waters' movies but didn't recognise her!

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