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  • Mira: (On her husband) We saw each other and something made us want to talk more.

  • Mira: (on the relationship between her character and Dr. House in "House") They're similar in that they're both loners and strong-willed and there's this nice little subplot, chemistry, sexual tension... You definitely feel that if they were not separated by thousands of miles and glaciers that maybe something would happen.

  • Mira: When you're a film actor, you kind of reserve TV as the last bastion of suspension of disbelief. You get used to the characters and you don't really think about the way that it's made. When I watch movies, I'm a lot more critical about the stunts, the edits, the performances.

  • Mira: I'm more of a guilt-ridden person. My mother and father's upbringing made me very conscious of trying not to hurt other people. I would not be able to do that sort of triple seduction thing and convince the other people that I love them.

  • Mira: I'd do a Romy and Michele again. I'd do a Romy and Michele 2, I'd be happy to do that.

  • Mira: (on the Cannes festival) Cannes is more intense than the Oscars and more intimidating for actresses, especially because the hair and dress preparations are more frenzied and chaotic.

  • Mira: (on why she is part of Amnesty International) Even in the United States, violence against women is the number one threat to women's safety in terms of their health. Women are more likely to be injured or killed by violence then any other threat.

  • Mira: (on why she became an actress) I wanted to play every character in every kind of situation.

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  • In February 2009 Mira announced that she is expecting her third.

  • In February 2008 Mira made a guest appearance on the popular show House as Cate Milton, talk circulated that her character could become a series regular but the writers strike ended that speculation.

  • Mira was nominated for a SAG Award in 1996, for "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role" for Mighty Aphrodite.

  • In 1996, Mira won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role playing Linda Ash on Mighty Aphrodite.

  • Mira was a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

  • Mira is mentioned in the theme song for The Adventures of George the Projectionist.

  • Mira's height is 5'10.

  • Both Mira and her husband have starred in the hit comedy Will and Grace although they did not star in the same episode.

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