Mitch Holleman

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  • Mitch has worn a shoe size 12 since he was ten.

  • Mitch turned five while he was in New York.

  • Micth is best friends with Paulie Litt, who starred in Hope & Faith.

  • Micth worked with Patti Carr and Laura Runnels in both Reba and Daddio.

  • When the pilot for Reba was written in early 2001, the character Jake was supposed to be 9 years old, but they changed it to 6 so Mitch could be a part of it.

  • Mitch has two dogs which he named Samford and Tork.

  • Mitch is often referred to as "Mr. Blackwell" because he is always criticizing his Reba co-star's clothing.

  • In both Daddio, and Reba, Mitch plays a character named Jake.

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