Monica Horan

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  • Monica: (on her relationship with her husband) Phil and I aren't like the bickering Barones. We communicate now, and that is profound.

  • Monica: (on her relationship with her husband) My favorite line to Phil is, "You can say the right thing on TV, but why can't you do it in real life?"

  • Monica: I consider myself a glass-half-full kind of girl.

  • Monica: I have been inspired by people in our community who make a true difference in this country and in the world. People like Norman Lear, Sherry Lansing, Cheryl and Chaim Saban, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  • Monica: The enormous success of Everybody Loves Raymond has allowed me to financially support causes that are close to our hearts, but it also has given us access to some of the most brilliant individuals in our city, and in the world, who are truly capable of repairing the world.

  • Monica: (on the "Everybody Loves Raymond" writers) I'm not being overly dramatic when I say I get the script, read it, and go 'How are they not repeating themselves?'

Trivia (16)

  • She graduated college in 1984 and moved to New York.

  • She was elected to the Board of Trustees of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

  • She is a member of the EveryChild foundation.

  • Monica won the Tree of Life award from the Jewish National Fund.

  • Monica has two kids with husband Phil. A daughter named Lily and a son named Ben.

  • Her father, Robert, is a courthouse officer, and her mother, Selma, is a retired clerk for the registrar of wills.

  • Monica met her husband, Phil, at Hofstra University where they both attended.

  • Monica has appeared as a sketch-comedy performer with the group Artificial Intelligence.

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