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  • Morgan Spurlock: (when asked about the similarities between Super Size Me and Eric Schlosser's book Fast Food Nation, and if he had read the book): “Fast Food Nation” is a tremendous book and was definitely something that we referenced while we were making the film. Eric Schlosser and I were e-mailing one another back and forth but never really connected, and that was not really an influence on my doing the film. I read “Fast Food Nation” when it first came out two years ago, and it’s a great book.

  • Morgan Spurlock: I Bet You Will. The show that proves people will do anything for money.

  • Morgan Spurlock: (when asked what happened to his body while working on Super Size Me) My body just basically falls apart over the course of this diet. I start to get tired; I start to get headaches; my liver basically starts to fill up with fat because there’s so much fat and sugar in this food. My blood sugar skyrockets, my cholesterol goes up off the charts, my blood pressure becomes completely unmanageable. The doctors were like “You have to stop.”

  • Morgan Spurlock: (when asked by Time magazine if he still eats McDonalds) Actually I don't. I'd rather go to a place which uses fresh ground beef, where the guy makes the patty for himself before putting it on the grill. You know, like In-N-Out Burger or mom and pop joints.

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  • His interview with Newsweek was called The Price Of A Big Mac.

  • His critics contend that Super Size Me was not an honest depiction of how fast food can fit in with a regular diet.

  • One of his supervising physicians during the process of making Super Size Me compared his diet to a severe case of binge alcoholism.

  • While he was making Super Size Me, he gained 25 pounds, had severe liver dysfunction, and developed symptoms of depression.

  • He and his brothers used to dance together when he was growing up.

  • He is pro-gun ownership.

  • He has a role in the upcoming movie Drive Thru, which is about a fast food restaurant that has its mascot come to life and start killing people.

  • Some of the stunts on the I Bet You Will webcast were: 1) Eating a full jar of mayonnaise for $235 2) Taking shots of corn oil, pink bismuth, lemon juice, hot sauce, cold chicken broth and cod liver oil ($450 for all nine shots) 3) Eating a worm burrito for $265

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