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  • Nancy Walker: (speaking to her husband after their delayed 40th wedding anniversary party) Now I can go in peace. This was the last dream of my life come true.

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  • As one of her final works in theater, Nancy Walker directed the Broadway play UTBU (featuring Margaret Hamilton and Tony Randall) for seven performances at the Helen Hayes Theater in 1966.

  • Despite being firmly identified with her "Jewish mother" role as Ida Morgenstern, Nancy Walker was not Jewish (though her second husband was). She was fond of telling people that her origins were "Black Irish."

  • Nancy worked on the FOX show True Colors until very close to her death. Her "TV daughter" Valerie Harper (who played Rhoda Morgenstern) was quoted as saying, "I love the fact that she went out like she came in...with greasepaint on."

  • At 4'11" in height, Walker was always cast in comedy and character actress roles during her career. She is one of 69 famous women listed on the "Who's Who of Short People" list at the Short Person Support (SPS) website.

  • Not only did Nancy Walker star in two series canceled in one television season (The Nancy Walker Show - Fall 1976 and Blansky's Beauties - Winter/Spring 1977), but these shows were backed by two of TV's most successful producers of the time, Norman Lear and Garry Marshall.

  • Though 30 years old at the time, the diminutive Nancy occasionally appeared on Milton Berle's Texaco Star Theater/Buick Comedy Hour playing a teenager and president of the fictional "Milton Berle Fan Club."

  • Nancy and her sister Betty Lou Barto both aspired to be singers and were raised in show business by their father, vaudeville performer Dewey Barto (born Dewey Smoyer).

  • Nancy and her husband David Craig had one child, Miranda. Both David Craig and Miranda have passed away since Walker's death in 1992.

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