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  • Nat: (at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2007) Wow! This is amazing!

  • (Recall from Ms. Draper after Nat & Alex climbed out of a bath, when the boys were young) Nat & Alex: We're the Naked Brothers Band! (dancing around their apartment)

  • Nat: And we got to go swimming every single day. And best of all---barbecue..... I feel dissed.

  • Nat: Socks. I think socks are the new black.

  • Nat Wolff: Writing a song is like taking a shower. If you don't do it every day then you're going to stink.

  • Nat Wolff: I love to do stand-up comedy.

  • Nat: (To Rosalina) I think I''re gonna have to be demoted to the triangle, you're gonna play the triangle in the band.

  • Nat: Yeah and just because you're a rock star don't let it go to your head. Rosalina: Yeah totally. Nat: I mean look what happened to her! (points to Rosalina) Rosalina: Look who's talkin'!

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Trivia (74)

  • Nat is a fan of the band Nirvana.

  • Nat's favorite movies are The Graduate and Annie Hall.

  • Nat has said that his favorite "Beatles" album is Rubber Soul.

  • Nat is 6ft and 1in tall.

  • Nat is staring in a movie called "Peace, Love and Misunderstanding".

  • Nat had broken a finger while playing basketball eariler this year.

  • Nat plays basketball for his school and city team.

  • Nat and Alex both had a crush on Kristen Stewart.

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