Naturi Naughton

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Star on Power


5/20/1984, East Orange, New Jersey, USA

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  • Naturi Naughton began her career as a singer with the R&B group 3LW. In recent years she has been trying to make it as an actress and can currently be seen on NBC series The Plaboy Club.

    Birth Name:

    Naturi Cora Maria Naughton



    Birth Place:

    East Orange, New Jersey, USA

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    • Naturi Naughton: (on the seedy reputation of the Playboy Club) It's the complete opposite. I cannot express this enough to all those people. This is not that kind of setting. If anything, these women joined together in this world to support each other, to lift each other up through their hard times. They know that they're in control of their destiny, their success, what they're going to do with their lives.

    • Naturi Naughton: (on the first African-American centerfold, Jennifer Jackson) I saw her in the magazine and she was a beautiful pinup, a beautiful black woman who was classy and just looked sexy but elegant. I would definitely give her props, especially for breaking down the barriers so that a black woman can be seen in that way.

    • Naturi Naughton: (on her Playboy character Brenda) It's 1961, she's very ambitious, she's a very strong, opinionated young woman. And I think she's a fun, spirited girl, too. She has a good time. She doesn't let some of the negative energy affect her, but she's also very smart and she knows what's happening in the world.

    • (on her Playboy Bunny character) Naturi Naughton: My character Brenda is one of those ambitious, confident, sexy women of the time. It's great to be represented in a way that shows that she's got big dreams.

    • (on how she got her start) Naturi Naughton: It was more so singing is how I broke into the business, and I always wanted to be a singer and an actor since I was five years old. The way I kind of got into it was just starting locally, I'm from East Orange, New Jersey, and I used to sing everywhere. I started singing in my church, and before you know it I was singing at weddings, I was singing at political events, I was singing at basketballs games, I was the national anthem singer for the New Jersey Mets for a season, and I just got more and more recognizable in New Jersey, and I got an audition to this group and that was my breaking into the business as a teenager, I was only 15.

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    • Naturi will be starring in an independant film called Highland Park that is set to come out in 2012.

    • One of Nauri's favorite books is Dreams from My Father, by Barak Obama.

    • Naturi's favorite Nortorious B.I.G. song is Juicy.

    • At age 14, Naturi was singing with the girl group 3LW. They sold over 1.3 million of their debut album.

    • Naturi is a Christian by faith, Baptist by denomination.

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