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  • Naveen: In Hollywood, it's normal to have white men with black women, but the reverse is too threatening.

  • Naveen: I've always liked women who are older. They seem to know who they are, and they've lived. They've got soul, and that's very attractive.

  • Naveen: (About "Lost") I think we're sort of pushing the envelope in that way. You won't see this kind of cast anywhere else. It's highly unusual, and if people can learn from that, that would be good.

  • Naveen: My dad was violent. Things were getting really bad and if I'd stayed, I might not be here now.

  • Naveen: (on "Lost")We're dealing with an immense kind of pressure to keep the quality up. It's make or break this season, quite frankly. ... We have an audience now. We can't let them down.

  • Naveen: Up to now, things have been relatively decent, if you ignore the episode where Sawyer was tortured. But now things are going to get wild and a lot more violent for everybody. Life will become rather brutal.

  • Naveen: I feel a sense of responsibility to the Iraqi community and to the Arab world.

  • Naveen: I already had a fraught relationship with my parents, who were very traditional. They wanted me to get a proper job, like any right-thinking parents would.

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  • Naveen once supported Cliff Richard live.

  • Naveen Andrews is a fan of Chelsea Football Club.

  • Naveen has said he wishes he was more like his Lost character, Sayid.

  • In total, Naveen has been nominated for nine different awards.

  • When Naveen was asked what he would bring if he was stranded on an island, He answered, "Sex".

  • Naveen is an emmy nominated actor.

  • Naveen lives in the US, but was born in London.

  • Naveen announced that his father would call him a prostitute for going out with his Math teacher.

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