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  • Navi: (about the comedy Wanted Undead or Alive) I had fun doing it. The movie is quite funny, and I have never really done any full-on comedy. I worked with [ex-SNL star] Chris Kattan, and I think it brought out a much more comic side to me, which was fun.

  • Navi: (about her character Amita) She is much more even and level-headed than I am. I am a little more erratic.

  • Navi: (about the show Numb3rs) I always thought it was an interesting idea but it's very hard to predict what people are going to respond to. I think we were fortunate when we did premiere because shortly after that came a whole wave of soap opera kind of shows. I think ours is one of the last few that is not of that genre.

  • Navi: (about The O.C.) There is so much information out there about safe sex and so many forms of birth control that I hope kids who watch the show will take it to heart and see how difficult it is for these characters to deal with this pregnancy and how it affects everyone around them as well.

  • Navi: (about The O.C.) Insofar as the issue of teen pregnancy was depicted in the show, you see two people who absolutely did not make the best choices and who were not responsible about having sexual intercourse.

  • Navi: (about Teen pregnancy) It is definitely not something I could see happening to me.

  • Navi: I can't believe I don't have a date for tonight and I look so hot!

  • Navi: (about her role on the show 24) A lot of good things came from being in a show that was so hot.

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  • Navi has lived in California, Connecticut, Miami, London and New York while growing up.

  • Navi previously dated actor Jeremy Sisto.

  • According to herself the way to her heart is sincerity. She also says that diamonds are never a bad thing either.

  • Navi doesn't eat red meat.

  • Navi is a self-proclaimed bookworm. She is also a desirous travel photographer.

  • Navi collects wine. She also loves to travel.

  • Her height is 5' 6" or 1.68 m.

  • Navi has spoken out in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of teen pregnancy.

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