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  • Nicki Clyne: I love to read, write, walk, do yoga, dance, watch movies, spend time with friends... all the while contemplating the complexity of the universe and the absurdity of being human. I like to look at life as an experiment, striving to learn and experience as much joy as possible each day.

  • Nicki Clyne: As an actor you have to have goals and think of what you want from the other characters that you're working with and things like that, and I really love working with other actors who are into spontaneity and just going with things. If something happens, we go with it and work with it and not always having to stick to the script. We let things happen.

  • Nicki Clyne: (advice to aspiring actors) I think that the most important thing is to know that you love what you do. There are a lot of times when it is easy to have doubts and get discouraged, but if you know how much you love something, it is always worth it.

  • Nicki Clyne: (When asked about the new and old series of "Battlestar Galactica") I think that both of the shows are a great reflection of their time, so I am a fan of both for different reasons. The original show gave me more inspiration than perspective, and also a great appreciation for the hairstyles.

  • Nicki Clyne: A guy was with his friend and came up to me at a party and said 'Were you the girl in Ill-Fated?' and it was really funny because the guy was very nervous to talk to me and I've never experienced that before. People who know me or have worked with me would come up and say 'congrats,' but since I already knew them it was just fine. It was completely out of the blue to have someone come up to you having seen the film the day before and they were kind of uncomfortable. It was really amazing to me to make somebody feel like that without even actually knowing them. It was really cool, really nice.

  • Nicki Clyne: I’m not an actor who wants to rewrite the script myself and change everything. I’ve done some personal writing. When I graduated high school I was then enrolled to go to film school and thought at that point that I wanted to do anything involved with film. I was obsessed and didn’t care as long as I got to be there. Once I started working and doing acting I thought that this is it, this is where I want to be on this side of the camera. I love this.

  • Nicki Clyne: (Cally is her character on "Battlestar Galactica".) I wouldn't say it's necessarily hard to leave Cally at the studios, but the role that I play on the show certainly plays into my daily life. I think about her a lot and try to consider what she would be going through and, of course, I feel the physical effects of running away from Cylons for twelve hours straight.

  • Nicki Clyne: I think on some level I always wanted to be an actor. I've been performing for as long as I can remember, whether it was on stage, in my backyard, or for patient friends and family members. But I have a pretty diverse range of interests, so I never really considered I would pursue only one thing.

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  • Clyne's first professional acting job was a commercial for yogurt in a tube. For months, colleagues called her the "Gogurt Girl."

  • On June 20, 2008, Nicki was an On-Air Presenter for an episode of Hypaspace, a weekly news program which covers topics involving science fiction and fantasy.

  • Growing up in the '80s and '90s, Nicki used to watch MTV and dreamt of becoming an MTV VJ.

  • If she could choose to play another role on Battlestar Galactica, Nicki would pick Kara Thrace (played by ) since the character has incredible depth and range.

  • Nicki is friends with Smallville stars Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk and Edgemont actress Sarah Edmondson.

  • She is a fan of the online video blog series, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog by Joss Whedon, whom she thinks is an amazing storyteller.

  • When filming a scene where her character got badly beaten on Battlestar Galactica, she accidentally got punched in the face by fellow actor Aaron Douglas.

  • Nicki won Best Supporting Actress for the second season of Battlestar Galactica in the internet fan base awards called The Golden Toaster Awards. In 2005, she was also nominated for a Leo Award in the category Feature Length Drama: Best Lead Performance by a Female for her movie Ill Fated.

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