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  • Nicole: I like to be comfortable. Luckily for me, I'm completely comfortable in six-inch heels.

  • Nicole: Being a mother is everything I hoped it would be and more. It's wonderful.

  • Nicole: (on the birth of her first child, Harlow) Harlow came out and I knew she looked like me, and I was holding her, and it was something so much bigger than me. Now she looks a little more like Joel, but when she was born, it looked like Joel had nothing to do with it! But it's almost like I don't even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.

  • Nicole: When I found out that I was pregnant, there was just something inside of me that felt a responsibility to mend any issues that I've had with my parents in the past, because, listen, I've put them through a lot.

  • Nicole: Anytime I am around a male body part it is kind of exciting.

  • Nicole (On her drug addiction): I was like a trash can--I took everything.

  • Nicole: I'm a social shopper. I like to do it while I'm hanging with my friend... If I'm out and I pass a store, I just pop in.

  • Nicole: When my dad divorced my mom it was kind of like him leaving me also. I just really didn't understand why he wasn't returning my phone calls, or why I couldn't see him whenever I wanted to. That was the most hurtful thing to me.

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  • In early 2009 Nicole and Joel released a statement to announce the pregnancy of their second child.

  • Nicole is developing a brand called 'House of Harlow' which will include: children's apparel, a clothing line, shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewelry.

  • In 2008, Nicole and Joel Madden started up the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation.

  • In May 2008 Nicole was the recipient of the Golden Pacifier Award in recognition of her mothering skills. The award is given by America's Babytalk magazine who stated that Nicole had grown as a person after the birth of daughter Harlow with Joel Madden.

  • In her novel Nicole admits to having a crush on actor, Jeff Goldblum.

  • Nicole took 5 pregnancy tests before she believed she was pregnant for the first time.

  • Nicole believes in magic and astrology.

  • Nicole's heroine is Drew Barrymore.

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