O.J. Simpson

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  • O.J.: I consider myself a relatively normal guy.

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  • OJ was ordered by a Los Angeles Judge on February 20, 2007, to surrender all future residual checks to the Goldman family. Last year's residual checks totaled .39 cents.

  • O.J. was Ahmad Rahad's best man at his 1985 wedding to Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad.

  • O.J. was in a street gang called The Persian Kings as a youth in 1954.

  • O.J. was held liable for the deaths of Nicole and Ron Goldman by a jury in a civil suit, and held responsible for compensatory damages to the Goldmans. He was ordered to pay them the amount of $8.5 million on February 4, 1997.

  • O.J.'s lead defense attorney was the infamous Los Angeles based, Johnnie Cochrane. He made headlines, and a lasting trademark of the trial, with the one line defense of 'If it doesn't fit--you must acquit' referring to a pair of black gloves that were alledgedly used in the double homicide.

  • O.J.'s alibi for the time of his ex-wife's murder, is that he was in his backyard at home, hitting golf balls.

  • O.J. was implicated for the murder of his wife and her friend, Ron Goldman in 1994. He was found 'Not Guilty' in 1995 after trial and one year of confinement in 1995.

  • O.J. denies ever hitting Nicole, who often complained to authorities, family, and friends that she suffered beatings at his hand, due to her flirtatious behavior. He does, however admit to roughing her up a bit, through friendly 'wrassling'.

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