Pam Dawber

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  • Pam: I am so grateful for my life. I've had really hard times, but then so have most people. But I'm grateful for having been able to come out the other side of it.

Trivia (14)

  • Pam played the part of Mabel, which was played by Linda Rondstadt, in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance.

  • Pam's younger sister, Leslie, was born with a congestive heart condition and died in 1976.

  • Pam was a judge on the panel that chose Christa McAuliffe for the "Teacher in Space" for NASA.

  • Pamela, together with her ex-manager, Mimi Weber, had formed the production company called Pony Productions.

  • In January 1996, Pam helped call 911, while her husband Mark Harmon rescued a man from a burning car which had crashed into a tree near their home.

  • Pam is a national spokesperson for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

  • Pam is the celebrity director for the Young Musicians Foundation.

  • Pam went to the Oakland Community College.

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