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  • Parker: L.A. doesn't get me. I think I scare them -- or maybe they just don't know what to make of me.

  • Parker: Being an indie queen, people think I have all these choices. Like I've just been sitting around waiting for the best indie film that I deem acceptable. There are a lot of independent films I've wanted to do that I haven't been cast in.

  • Parker: I've never been bored on a movie set. Give me a costume and I just brighten up.

  • Parker: Look around, everyone's crying with you.

  • Parker: I like soap opera acting. If it's done really well, there's nothing better. It's old school. It's like what those melodramas in the '30s and '40s were like.

  • Parker: But it's fun to be something, have that, and you don't have to be real. It's like, comedians. They go on and they're doing all these jokes. I would be like that if I were more awake.

  • Parker: I can do comedy, so people want me to do that, but the other side of comedy is depression. Deep, deep depression is the flip side of comedy. Casting agents don't realize it but in order to be funny you have to have that other side.

  • Parker: I wouldn't say I was a queen. Maybe a little elf.

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  • In 1997 Parker won the Special Recognition for Acting Award at the Sundance Film Festival for her role in the film House of Yes.

  • In 2003 Parker received a Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role in the made-for-television movie Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay.

  • Parker is a close friend of writer/director Zoe Cassavetes. The two worked together in the film Broken English.

  • Parker is a fan of film director Hal Hartley.

  • Parker was raised Catholic.

  • Parker composed the song "Teacher's Pet" for the film Waiting for Guffman.

  • Parker was considered for the role of Vickie Miner in the film Reality Bites. The part would eventually go to actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo.

  • Parker briefly dated producer/director Bob Gosse.

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