Patrick Heusinger

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Star on Frances Ha


2/14/1981, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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  • Patrick Heusinger was born in Florida in 1981 and fell in love with acting as a teenager. After high school, he attended Julliard where he fell in love with theater and after graduating landed a role in the national tour of Spamalot. In addition to theater, he is a rising film and TV star and had roles in The Nanny Diaries and the independent film Tie a Yellow Ribbon. He has landed a role in Gossip Girl and is looking to land more roles in TV and movies.



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    Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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    • Patrick:(On his favorite part of acting) I love storytelling. I enjoy the idea, in most cases, that someone can walk into a theater and be changed by the time they've left. That's really exciting ... affecting people ... broadening people's awareness. But this is my first comedy. Doing this makes someone's day and brightens someone's mood. We were performing in St. Paul, Minn., when the bridge collapsed. The night of the collapse was the best show ever. People got to forget about the tragedy for a little while and doing Spamalot is great because people get to come in and laugh for 2 hours.

    • Patrick:(On watching Steven Boyer sing cabaret) It was a song about baseball and his dad. I remember being completely moved, and was shattered by the simplicity and truth that he brought to it. The thing is that you believed he was singing about his dad, and that's something I always tried to bring to my acting, throughout my education.

    • Partick:(On doing cabaret at Julliard) When you're in that space watching people sing, the people who really move you are the ones who are vulnerable. And that's not an easy place for people to live.

    • Partrick:(On a project he's developing about Jeff Buckley)He was such an incredible and beautiful musician, who has colored modern rock and roll more than anyone else. But when I got to know the story of his life and his struggle with his family, and being in the shadow of his father, I knew I wanted to play him. So I sat down with this playwright, Brian Pracht, and we've been working on this multi-character musical. Originally, we wanted to use Jeff's music, but then we realized we would be bound to the rights holder, who is Jeff's mom, and we didn't want to be held to making her act or appear a certain way. So we'll be using original music that will sound like Jeff's music. But most importantly, we want to make a play that Jeff would have watched -- although he wasn't a playgoer -- and say 'that was great.'

    • Patrick:(About his experience in "Spamalot") I have gotten this great education in what it is to be an actor in the theater and to be a good professional from all the people I've worked with. And what's been really beautiful is watching my current Arthur, Gary Beach, discover all the jokes he's found in the show that I don't think anyone else has. I'm also looking forward to working with Jonathan Hadary, who'll join the show in Toronto, which is my last stop.

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    • Patrick did his first play when he was 13, but he started acting seriously when he was in 10th grade.

    • Patrick's favorite breakfast foods are chocolate chip pancakes, almost burnt bacon and eggs benedict.

    • Patrick's favorite line in Spamalot is "Clearly, 'I fart in your general direction.' That and 'Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time."

    • In 1999, Patrick graduated from the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

    • Patrick was a Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalist during High School.

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