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  • Patrick Troughton: (On playing the Doctor) It was the happiest time of my professional life.

  • Patrick Troughton: (On playing the Doctor) How did I feel about taking on the role? To begin with, I thought it would last about six weeks after Billy Hartnell had finished. My children and I had been fans of the programme and I loved the way he had played the Doctor. But I knew I couldn't possibly do it like that.

  • Patrick Troughton: I've done a lot of swashbuckling in my time - ever since Joy Harington gave me my first real television chance in Kidnapped.

  • Patrick Troughton: I have been asked what impact the part of the Doctor had on my career and I can honestly say none. For luckily I got out in time before I was too typecast.

  • Patrick Troughton: If I had not been an actor I would quite like to have been a teacher. Children keep one young.

  • Patrick Troughton: Doctor Who gave me a chance to indulge my passion for dressing up and being able to have some sly fun as well as a bit of clowning.

  • Patrick Troughton: (On playing the Doctor) I had a Whale of a time!

  • Patrick Troughton: Oh my giddy aunt!

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  • When he left Doctor Who in 1966, William Hartnell suggested that Patrick Troughton replace him as the Doctor.  Troughton and Hartnell became good buddies later on.

  • To date, Patrick Troughton has been the only actor to reprise the role of the Doctor in three specials.

  • Troughton is the only actor to play his own "evil" twin in the Doctor Who Series. In the episode Enemy of the World he plays both the Doctor and his nemesis, the evil Salamander.

  • When William Hartnell regenerated into Patrick Troughton, Troughton was seen briefly at the end of Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet Episode 4.

  • Patrick Troughton's favourite role was playing the Second Doctor in Doctor Who.

  • Troughton died while at a convention in Georgia in the United States in 1987.

  • Pat Troughton was loved by the cast and crew of Doctor Who.

  • Advised Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) to limit his stay as the Doctor to 3 years so he wouldn't be typecast. Troughton and Davison became good buddies.

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