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  • Patrick Troughton: (On playing the Doctor) It was the happiest time of my professional life.

  • Patrick Troughton: (On playing the Doctor) How did I feel about taking on the role? To begin with, I thought it would last about six weeks after Billy Hartnell had finished. My children and I had been fans of the programme and I loved the way he had played the Doctor. But I knew I couldn't possibly do it like that.

  • Patrick Troughton: I've done a lot of swashbuckling in my time - ever since Joy Harington gave me my first real television chance in Kidnapped.

  • Patrick Troughton: I have been asked what impact the part of the Doctor had on my career and I can honestly say none. For luckily I got out in time before I was too typecast.

  • Patrick Troughton: If I had not been an actor I would quite like to have been a teacher. Children keep one young.

  • Patrick Troughton: Doctor Who gave me a chance to indulge my passion for dressing up and being able to have some sly fun as well as a bit of clowning.

  • Patrick Troughton: (On playing the Doctor) I had a Whale of a time!

  • Patrick Troughton: Oh my giddy aunt!

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    When Patrick Troughton met Jon Pertwee on "The Three Doctors", they argued on & offset, but they became very good friends in the end. Pertwee even hosted Doctor Who; The Troughton Years to remember his friend Patrick Troughton.

  • When he left Doctor Who in 1966, William Hartnell suggested that Patrick Troughton replace him as the Doctor.  Troughton and Hartnell became good buddies later on.

  • To date, Patrick Troughton has been the only actor to reprise the role of the Doctor in three specials.

  • When William Hartnell regenerated into Patrick Troughton, Troughton was seen briefly at the end of Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet Episode 4.

  • Patrick Troughton's favourite role was playing the Second Doctor in Doctor Who.

  • Troughton died while at a convention in Georgia in the United States in 1987.

  • Pat Troughton was loved by the cast and crew of Doctor Who.

  • Advised Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) to limit his stay as the Doctor to 3 years so he wouldn't be typecast. Troughton and Davison became good buddies.

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