Paul Campbell

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Terry on Almost Heroes


6/22/1979, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Born June 22, 1979, in Vancouver and raised in nearby White Rock, Paul Campbell spent most of his younger life wanting to be a carpenter, most likely due to the influences of his handy father and grandfather. And, despite a lingering love of acting fostered by performing in a high-school play, Campbell eventually did become a carpenter, framing houses for four years. But "after one too many wood splinters," he enrolled in the Capilano College theater program. During one of his last performances at the college, a small role in a production of Cinderella, Campbell was spotted and later signed on by a Vancouver talent manager. He has since been featured in several TV projects, including The Dead Zone for USA Network, John Doe, Black Sash and Andromeda (recurring as Lt. Bowlus). His films include The Perfect Score and a lead role in the recently wrapped Canadian independent feature Ill-Fated.moreless



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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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    • Paul Campbell: It’s pretty random. If there were specific mention of a dead civilian….no one was really keeping track of pilots in the big Cylon attacks. No one was keeping track of those as far as I know. There were never any big conversations or no one lost any sleep over that number. But when there were say 3747 people dead and it was mentioned, we would keep track of that and calculate, but in general it was pretty random. It was an approximation.

    • Paul Campbell: It was kind of my choice in a way. I was kind of given an ultimatum eventually because in between the end of season one and the beginning of season two I had actually gone to LA and booked a pilot. Because Battlestar production didn’t have me under contract, I was free to go and do that. And it was their loss if the show got picked up and I wasn’t able to come back for season two. I think that was a problem they had with a few of the cast members, that everyone was a free agent after season 1, and I think that scared them a little bit. They could have potentially lost half their cast after season 1, and I think after that, they pretty much ended up signing everyone to a contract. But I’d already been cast in another show and decided to go off on my own and see if it worked. As it turned out it didn’t work, and I ended up having a two episode hiatus after episode 4. I was gone for 5 and 6, then came back for Home Pt. 1, I think it was. Or Home Pt 2, I came back for. So after that kind of gave me the ultimatum and said sign a contract for 5 years, or we kind of need to go our separate ways. And I kind of put it off and put it off, then eventually they just said “Look, we can tell your not really committed to the show, and we can’t write story lines. So we’ve decided to kill the character. It wasn’t really a surprise, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen when it did. But I certainly wasn’t surprised that they had to do that.

    • Paul Campbell: For the skeptics and the naysayers, don't knock it till you've tried it, and for those like me who can't wait to see it, I know for a fact that you are all going to be blown away.

    • Paul Campbell: I wrote a love song once. The song involves a number of comparisons to the beauty of this person's dove-like voice. The first line is "When I hear your voice, I just want to scream / It's like running my face through a sewing machine ..." (You get the idea.)

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    • According to his official website, "energetic boy with a lot a potential if only he'd keep his mouth shut" was pretty standard for his report cards.

    • Paul Campbell has lots of hobbies. They include surfing, writting, reading, riding his bike, and watching movies.

    • On Campbell's message board, he went by the name Newt. His grandpa and him call each other Newt.

    • Campbell wanted to work with Tim Allen or Stephen Baldwin someday.

    • In grade 4, Campbell gained 84 pounds for the role in Santa Claus.

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