Paul Gross

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Documentarian on The Yard


4/30/1959, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • Paul's father was a tank commander in the Canadian Army. As a result Paul moved around a lot during his childhood, rarely spending more than two years in one place. Inside of Canada he has lived in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick. Outside of Canada he has lived in the USA, UK and Germany. Paul went Cheswyks Prep School in Camberley, Surrey while he was living in the UK. He left after two years, speaking with a proper British accent. Of his time in the UK Paul has said "I always say I was civilised by England." In around 1969 or 1970 he lived in New Brunswick while his father was stationed at Gagetown with the Dragoons. During his early teens he moved to Washington and his drama teacher gave him the inspiration to work as an actor. Paul also began a study of the world's major religions during this time. He finished high school at the Earl Haig Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. He spent the summer working as a gofer at the Stratford Festival box office when he was 16. It was there that he heard of the reputation of the University of Alberta's acting program. Neal Watson of the Edmonton Sun wrote: "[Paul] was already leaning toward a career as an actor - any profession that required math was already out." Paul adds: "Somewhere after long division, I stopped doing math. That cut off the sciences. I decided I probably should try acting." He studied acting at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and left in 1980 during his third year, choosing instead to pursue his career as an actor and playwright. He went back later to complete the half-credit needed to receive his fine arts degree. Paul has also acted in several plays. When he was playing the role of Hamlet in one play he was told that some of the most important audiences would be the student matinees. Paul was dreading the matinees but in the end he found them to be he most enjoyable. Paul Gross is also a brilliant singer. He sung a few songs for due south and has also released an album called "two houses" with David Keeley. He has two children called Jack and Hannah. He has been married to Martha Burns since 1988. Paul lives in Toronto with his family and their dog, Chester, a Golden Retriever.moreless



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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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    • Paul Gross: (about his role on "Eastwick") It's really fun playing the devil. There's no real boundaries. There's no limitations to what I can or can't do. And I've been encouraging them to let me do things on the periphery, like set people on fire for no particular good reason.

    • Paul Gross: I was interested in the intimate casualties of war, and what it does to families and innocence and neighbours, and love, I suppose. The casualties of love. And the only thing that can counterbalance something as implacably brutal as a cataclysm like the first war is all these individual acts of love and self-sacrifice.

    • Paul Gross: Trust me, there's no more back-handed compliment than saying you like something because it's Canadian. Girls say it to me all the time.

    • Paul Gross: (on performing his music) I certainly don't want to be like Bryan Adams and have to play in gigantic stadiums. I think that would be daunting. I think playing in nice clubs is fun.

    • Paul Gross: It's intriguing to me why the First World War started. It's intriguing that the war continued even after both sides recognized it was hopeless. And it's also intriguing that it ended so ambivalently, leaving the door open for the second one.

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    • Film and TV Movie Credits: • Hooked on Speedman (2008) as Paul • Burnt Toast (2005) (TV) as Scott • H2O (2004) (TV) as Thomas David McLaughlin • Murder Most Likely (1999) (TV) as Patrick Kelly • The Battle of Vimy Ridge-Part 4: The Battle Joined and Won (1997) (TV) as Narrator • The Battle of Vimy Ridge-Part 3: The Battle Looms (1997) (TV) as Narrator • The Battle of Vimy Ridge-Part 2: Keys to Victory (1997) (TV) as Narrator • The Battle of Vimy Ridge-Part 1: Setting the Stage (1997) (TV) as Narrator • Whale Music (1994) as Daniel Howl • XXX's & OOO's (1994) (TV) as Bucky Dean • Paint Cans (1994) as Morton Ridgewell • Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (1990) (TV) as Alex Bresnyachuk • Divided Loyalties (1989) as Walter Butler • Turning to Stone (1985) (TV) as Billy

    • Works as a Playwright: • The Deer and the Antelope Play (Northern Light Theatre, Edmonton,Alberta, 1981) • Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Damascus (1982) • The Dead of Winter (Toronto Free Theater, Canada, 1982) • Sprung Rhythm (National Arts Centre, 1984) • Thunder, Perfect Mind (Toronto Free Theatre, 1986) • Tension Zero (Le Theatre de la Bordee, Montreal, Canada, 1986)

    • Theatrical Credits: • A Midsummer Night's Dream as Lysander (Northern Lights Theatre, Edmonton, Canada, 1980) • As You Like It as Silvius (Northern Lights Theatre, 1980) • St. Joan as Dunois, D' Estivet, attendant (Northern Lights Theatre, 1981) • The Winter's Tale as Florizel (Northern Lights Theatre, 1981) • Mrs. Warren's Profession as Frank Gardner (Theatre Calgary, Canada, 1981) • Unseen Hand (Theatre Calgary, 1982) • Father West as Raglan (Theatre Calgary, 1982) • The Deer and the Antelope Play as Woody, CC, Mary, Jimmy (Theatre Network, Edmonton, Canada, 1982) • Take Me Where the Water's Warm as Donald Lampert (Festival Lennoxville, Lennoxville, Canada, 1982) • The Kite as Motherwell (Festival Lennoxville, 1982) • Walsh as Constable Clarence Underhill (National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada, 1983) • In the Jungle of Cities as George Garga (Toronto Free Theatre, Canada, 1983) • Successful Strategies as Dorante (Centaur Theatre, Montreal, Canada, 1985) • Romeo and Juliet as Romeo (Toronto Free Theatre, High Park, 1985) • Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching toward the Somme (Canadian Stage, Toronto, Canada, 1988) • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as Brick (Manitoba Theatre Center, Winnipeg, Canada, 1989) • The Ruling Class as Jack, 14th Earl of Gurney (Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 2000) • Hamlet as Hamlet (Festival Theatre, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 2000) • The Picture of Dorian Gray as Dorian Gray (Avon Theatre, Stratford, Ontario, 2000) • St. Jon, Assistant Director (1984)

    • Paul has been married to Canadian actress Martha Burns since September 25, 1988. They have a son, Jack, and a daughter, Hannah.

    • Apart from his work as a writer, producer, director, and actor, Gross also composes and performs music with actor David Keeley. They recorded the following albums: Two Houses (1997), Holiday Heroes (1998), and Songs of Love and Carnage (2000). In August 1999, they appeared in several music videos including Santa Drives a Pick-Up, 32 Down on the Robert Mackensie Voodoo, Papa's Front Porch, and Two Houses.

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