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  • Paul Shaffer: That sociology degree that I got from the University of Toronto actually comes in handy. You have to be able to deal with people--as a band leader--a lot of it is dealing with people.

  • Paul Shaffer: It was in Toronto in the early seventies that I developed a credo that has come in handy when, at critical times in my life, confusion threatened to cancel clarity: "What I do best is simply play songs I love."

  • Paul: Before I moved to Bristol, I would have to drive a long distance to get to meetings. I was so excited when I came here and found out that there was a meetinghouse here.

  • Paul: (describing the word hip) Let me tell you something about this whole hip thing. You know, being at the cutting edge, being hip, is not all fun and games. You know, if I had to do it all overagain, you know what I would be?

  • Paul: Just because you're in a cover band, it doesn't mean you're not a star.

Trivia (28)

  • Paul has written a book titled We'll Be Here For The Rest of Our Lives.

  • Paul has earned the Order of Canada, Canada's highest civilian honor, in 2008.

  • Paul has been accepted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

  • Paul is 5' 5" (1.65 m)

  • Paul has been nominated for two Emmys. For Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Direction for Late Night with David Letterman in 1989 and 1992.

  • Like his longtime boss David Letterman, Paul Shaffer also grew a beard during the Writers' Guild strike of 2007-08. However, Paul opted to shave it off before the Late Show returned to production because nobody could recognize him with facial hair.

  • In 2002, a street which surrounds the Thunder Bay community auditorium in his hometown was renamed "Paul Shaffer Drive".

  • In 2001, Shaffer hosted the VH1 game show Cover Wars.

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