Peter Falk

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  • Falk: I do share with the lieutenant (Columbo) one very pronounced part of his personality - he loves to talk about his wife. You can't shut him up. I have the same problem. I can tell Shera stories till three in the morning. Shera is my wife.

  • Falk (about Columbo): I'm just as sloppy as the lieutenant but not nearly as smart.

  • (handing his glass eye to the umpire, believing strongly that he was safe, after he was called out at a Little League game) Falk: Here, I think you might need this.

  • Falk: Being chased by Columbo is like being nibbled to death by a duck.

Trivia (32)

  • Falk was asked to appear in The Godfather as Moe Green, but he declined because the role was too small for him to play. Alex Rocco played the part instead.

  • Prospect Avenue, Ossining, where Falk used to go to school is renamed 'Peter Falk Place'.

  • Falk and his wife Shera own 10 dogs.

  • Falk's wife (Shera) uses his Emmys for a hat rack.

  • Falk has never been arrested in the United States, but he has been arrested in Paris, Moscow, Havana, Genoa, Belgrade and Trieste. They were all misunderstandings and he always got out within hours.

  • Just three months after he joined college, Peter left to join the Merchant Marines. He sailed out as a third cook, for he wasn't allowed to work on or below deck because of his glass eye.

  • Peter was a member of the Ossining High School baseball team.

  • In 2006, Peter released a book full of short stories about his life. He called his book Just One More Thing, the famous quote from his best known character Columbo.

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