Rachel Fox

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7/23/1996, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

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  • In June 2005, Rachel Fox and her family went on a family vacation to Los Angeles. They didn't go back home to Ohio until 14 months later. During their LA family vacation, Rachel attended a movie and television acting camp, while her sister attended tennis camp. It was at the acting camp that Rachel and her family learned that she had a special gift. Rachel’s first break into television came when she booked the recurring role of Buffy in the hit Disney TV series, That’s So Raven. Following that, Rachel worked on the daytime soap opera Passions and on the new Disney hit series, Hannah Montana. Rachel was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a town 20 miles north of Atlanta. At the age of 4, Rachel and her family moved to Westlake, Ohio. While taking a gymnastics lesson, an agent with The Ford Modeling Agency approached Rachel’s mom Victoria and suggested she submit Rachel’s photos to the agency. Ford signed Rachel but shortly thereafter they left the Cleveland market. Rachel was quickly signed by The Docherty Agency and began working in print and television commercials.moreless



    Birth Place:

    Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

    Also Known As

    Rachel G. Fox

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    • Rachel: Nim's Island is spectacular. I love the chemistry between Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin, and Gerard Butler. They are all fantastic in this movie. The imagination scenes are really detailed and real and you've gotta go see this movie to know exactly what I mean.

    • Rachel (about Desperate Housewives): I cannot tell anything about what's going on. But I'll say this, you'll be gripped and shocked and, oh my gosh, you are never going to believe what's happening on Wisteria Lane. Marc Cherry is an incredible writer and creator. He thinks of things other people may not think of. It makes his ideas so different and he keeps people guessing.

    • Rachel: Aside from the amazing actors on Desperate Housewives, I would so love to work with Will Smith. He is hysterical and he has so much charisma, that I would love to be around him. Hayden Christensen is another amazing actor. He was incredible in Star Wars. Zac Efron is so cute and he's a fantastic dancer and singer. Jim Carrey definitely is an actor I'd love to work with. He is so good in so many different roles. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty were so funny that my family and I were roaring with laughter. As far as actresses, it would be so incredible to work with Julia Roberts. She was great in Mystic Pizza, The Pelican Brief, and Pretty Woman. But again, there are just so many great performers that every time I am lucky enough to work and play with someone new, it is a wonderful dream-come-true.

    • Rachel: Every time I'm on the set, it's like a fairytale dream.

    • Rachel: Miley Cyrus is really nice and really bubbly. She's such a great singer and she's so funny. Her dad, Mr. Billy Ray is also really nice and very welcoming. Raven is cool and very fashionable. Her shoes -- well, she is the Shoe Queen. I'd love to have just one pair. When she's working, she's really focused and it is really amazing to watch her do her thing. Brent and Shane Kinsman are so funny. They are very different from each other, even though they're twins. One is more quiet than the other. Can you guess which one is quieter and which one is more outgoing? They never bug me. When we're on the set and not in school, we get the chance to talk and hang out a little. Also, Zane Huett, who plays Parker on Desperate Housewives, is so cool. I love working with him and it is so fun having three brothers on the show. If I could go back and do any show again, I'd do them all! Each one had a different personality. Each show was so happy and so fun to be on. I would go crazy if I could sing on stage with Hannah Montana or Aly and AJ. I've just written my first song and am working on getting it recorded.

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    • Rachel is on the track team at her school and is a Presidential Fitness Award winner.

    • In addition to acting, Rachel loves singing and dancing. She loves singing popular, contemporary songs, such as "Bop to the Top" and "Breaking Free" from High School Musical and the theme song of the Disney animated show, Kim Possible.

    • Rachel's voice trainers are Rye Randa and Roger Burnley.

    • Rachel is a Mock Trial participant.

    • Just before Rachel's departure from Desperate Housewives, she hosted a tour of the set of the show's setting, Wisteria Lane. The video can be found on Youtube and on rachelgfox.com.

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