Rachel True

Trivia and Quotes

Quotes (2)

  • Rachel: As far as developing a career as an actress, I think it's a fine balance between trying to just work, and also be true to yourself.

  • Rachel True: Sometimes I wonder why I'm not working at McDonalds and how come I have the life I have. I don't know. But I'm happy that I have these choices. That's kinda sappy, huh? But whatever, acting beats pumping gas.

Trivia (4)

  • Rachel True is of African American and Caucasian ancestry.

  • Met Neve Campbell on the set of The Craft (1996); the two liked each other so well they've become best friends and still talk frequently.

  • Rachel is left handed.

  • Her role in The Craft (1996) as Rochelle was originally intended for a white actress.