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  • Radames has said that while he was filming Little House on the Prairie, Alison Arngrim--who played Nellie Oleson--had a crush on him, but he was unresponsive and ended up "breaking her heart." Radames still jokes about how he thought she was too dorky to actually date at the time, but that he was a dork too--he just didn't realize it yet.

  • Radames co-directed a video art program released on VHS tape, with his wife Marsha in 1987, entitled "Sheep Of Things To Come".

  • Radames' father, Eugene, is a reknowned painter.

  • Radames and David Carradine both wrote the script for "Kung Fu: The Movie" (1986) with the intention of Radames playing the son of Carradine's character Caine, but decided to go with Brandon Lee as his popularity from his connection to his father, Bruce, was growing, and they felt this would attract more viewers to the film.

  • Radames wrote a letter in support of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in his bid for Governor of California in Salon.com's September 3, 2003 letters column. Interestingly enough, though, Radames stated that he personally would not vote for him.

  • Radames married his wife Marsha Mann on Leap Day -- February 29, 1984.

  • Radames is 6'1" tall.

  • Radames' last movie appearance was as a Russian radar technician in the seminal 1980's film Red Dawn (1984).

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