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  • Randy Jackson: The theory is that Mariah Carey can sing anything. You hear that expression, 'She can sing the phone book.' So if you can really sing, you should be able to sing anything, so we're testing them. That's the whole competition.

  • Randy Jackson: You get a shot at bat when you win American Idol . You've won the competition. You've got the prize. Now you've got to make a great record. That's the hardest thing for all of them, because I don't think all of them have made great records.

  • Randy Jackson: Greensboro, N.C., was an eye-opener. Of course, Clay and Fantasia came from Carolina. They're not as affected as New York and Los Angeles, where they watch too much VH1 and MTV and mimic that.

  • Randy Jackson: I think the talent is better than ever, and it's more balanced than ever. There are some great boys and great girls. Every year that the show does well and the public tunes in, it validates it more, so better and better singers come out.

  • Randy Jackson: I grew up in Baton Rouge and learned to be a musician down there [in New Orleans]. I call it the only city in America that has its own brand of music.

  • (regarding American Idol) Randy Jackson: I'm so happy . . . country girl and southern rocker up there -- wow, this is big.

  • (regarding American Idol ) Randy Jackson: Man, every time Kelly opened her mouth she gave me chills.

  • Randy Jackson: If you asked Simon now, I don't think he could call who's going to win this season. It's a dead heat. Besides, Simon just got lucky.

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  • Randy Jackson and manager Hariett Sternberg have signed a multi-year contract with Warner Horizon Television to develop new scripted and unscripted projects.

  • Randy made several appearances on The Daily Show.

  • Randy played Desmond in the Pilot of Dr Vegas .

  • Randy was the guest host of the ever popular Good Day Live in 2004.

  • Randy was the character of Mr. Grundy in the TV series Kevin Hill in 2005.

  • A rumor started that Randy was a cousin of Samuel L Jackson . Randy clears that rumor up with a simple No I am not.

  • Randy joined American Idol in 2002.

  • Randy is known for his outrageous outfits he wears when judging American Idol .

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