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  • Raven: (on adding 'producer' to her resume) I got interested in producing because there's a lot of creative decisions I can make, especially for a show that has my name on it.

  • Raven: (about the websites that mock her weight) It hurt the first few times I read them, and then after like, I was like, "Oooh, this makes me want to succeed even more just for you, so you can say even more about me! How about that? My conflict in life is just making sure that I remember that I'm beautiful just the way I am, no matter what size I am. I'm thick and fabulous! I don't care how many haters are out there. I'm absolutely fabulous.

  • Raven: I did have my 22nd birthday party at Tao Las Vegas. There was table dancing, but not by me! I still have my fun, I just do it tastefully. I still have my mama to answer to!

  • Raven: (about her parents' positive influence) I remember how when I first came to Disney, they were talking to me about how to present myself and put my best foot forward. I was like, "Do you know my mother and father? It's okay, I've got this!" My parents were far stricter than the executives ever could be.

  • Raven: My favorite game is Boggle. That's actually how I learned how to spell. I was having a little problem with spelling and Boggle helped me!

  • Raven: There was this one boy I wanted to date so badly. He wouldn't date me, and then he got a girlfriend. I guess I just wasn't supposed to be with him!

  • Raven: I shop when I'm sad. I shop when I'm happy. It just makes me feel good.

  • Raven: We have a fan base that has followed us from the first movie, so in a sense we're like that underground cover group that someone is always watching. I think we'll always be popular no matter who comes after us.

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  • Raven has two homes, one in L.A., and one in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • In the March 2007 edition of Ebony magazine, Raven was on the cover as "the 400 Million Dollar Woman: Raven-Symone All Grown Up & Flexing Her Brand".

  • She read for the movie Dreamgirls for the part of Effie. She didn't get the part because she was too young.

  • There is a paperdoll of Raven on stardoll.com.

  • Raven speaks on behalf of the National Safe Kids Campaign, a program encouraging home safety for families.

  • She appeared in Belinda's music video, "Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama".

  • While a contestant on The Weakest Link (2000) - she couldn't answer what the "P.O." in "P.O. Box" meant, and answered 100, when asked to give half of 1,000.

  • Raven's first on screen kiss was with Kyle Schmid (he played Derek on The Cheetah Girls).

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