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  • Rebecca: (about her role on Lost) When I first got the job, I was told nothing about my character. She's an anthropologist and she's tough; she's a female Indiana Jones. That's what I went into the show knowing.

  • Rebecca: (on having too much rainfall in Hawaii) I'm English. That makes me feel at home! When it starts pissing down, I just put the kettle on. I'm like, "Oh, isn't this lovely? I I'll have a cup of tea." Oh, I love it.

  • Rebecca: (on her audition for "Lost") I was not going to leave that room until I made them fall in love with me.

  • Rebecca: In certain photo shoots, it's just not about standing there and trying to look pretty in a dress. A good editorial photo shoot usually has an art director, and there's a story that you're telling.

  • Rebecca: (on coming to Los Angeles) There's something about not being able to make a proper cup of tea outside of England. We all sort of whine about it, but I've come to realize the water and the milk are what change it.

  • Rebecca: Having red hair was the bane of my life -- until I got older, when I realized it was good to be different. But growing up with it was a nightmare. I used to get bullied at school, and people would call me horrible names.

  • Rebecca: (on Kristen Bell turning down the role of Charlotte on "Lost") [Laughs] I was going to do a Kiss-o-Gram or something. [Singing] "Thank you, Kristen... for turning it down."

  • Rebecca: (on doing her character in "Lost") It's hard for me to try to create something in my head because it's so unknown. I've never been in this position before. Usually when I do something, I kind of have this whole thing in my head of who I am and where I've come from. [With Lost] I have it to a point, but this is the least I've ever known as an actress. It's interesting.

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  • Rebecca's mother Jenny works in a department store while her father Gary is a real estate lawyer.

  • Rebecca's favorite character on Lost is John Locke.

  • Rebecca compares her role as Charlotte in Lost to a "female Indiana Jones" because of the physical challenges it requires.

  • To keep herself in shape, Rebecca does Pilates and yoga. She also goes hiking and regularly goes to the gym.

  • Rebecca has naturally red hair. She was nominated for "On Air: Best Hair - Female" in's 2008 Fashion Awards.

  • After the 9/11 attack, Rebecca raised money for the New York City Fire Station who lost five men. She lived only a mile away from Ground Zero.

  • Rebecca's television debut was on the short-lived ABC sitcom Madigan Men.

  • She moved to Paris where her modeling career began when she was 18. In 1998, she settled in New York where she got more modeling gigs.

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