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  • Rebecca Romijn: (desperate for her breasts to keep their shape during her pregnancy with twins) I can't move anymore ... I'm a beached whale! I have not been without a bra this entire pregnancy. I refuse. I'm not taking any chances. I'm determined to keep the puppies up!

  • Rebecca Romijn: (revealing she wants to name one of her children Dolly, as a tribute to Dolly Parton) I have been a Dolly fan all of my life. She is a wonderful woman. I really connect with her music and I can't think of a better role model for my children. She was honored I had chosen the name Dolly.

  • Rebecca Romijn: Sometimes I find myself having to try extra hard to be goofy and disarming to prove to people that, yeah, I pick my nose just like you do.

  • Rebecca Romijn: Neither my sister nor I ever really thought about the way we looked growing up. In our teens, we didn't know or care about makeup or designers or anything like that. We both lucked out in the genes department. In fact, my first agent wanted to hire my mom as a supermodel-making machine. It was like, 'I'll pay you to make more babies.'

  • Rebecca Romijn: (her own words about her start in the business) I was a freshman at UC Santa Cruz, really poor and restless to see the world. I used to sit in my dorm room, thinking I just know I'm missing out on something. But, of course, I had no money. And so this friend hooked me up with an agency, and it happened very quickly. I moved to Paris, got a cover of French Elle, and stayed for two and a half years.

  • Rebecca Romijn: When my husband kisses my ears. My ears turn me on like nothing else, they must be my most erogenous zone. Just having my ears kneaded is like a full body massage.

  • Rebecca Romijn: I'm not for gratuitous nudity, but if there's humor, I don't have a problem.

  • Rebecca Romijn: I'm a little top heavy, so I have to pay attention to that area. I think it was from my years of swimming in school when I was a kid and it just overdeveloped my upper body. In fact, when I started modeling, my back was so developed, I could not fit into any dresses.

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  • In 1999, Rebecca had her song "Darling Nikki" included in the Party O' The Times - A Tribute To Prince compilation album. The song was also part of the albums, Essential '80s Masters (2001) and Electro Goth Tribute to Prince (2005).

  • She appeared on the music video of "Please Don't Go Girl" by New Kids on the Block.

  • Rebecca and husband Jerry O'Connell welcomed twin girls, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip on December 28, 2008. One of their daughters was named after Dolly Parton. They also own mixed poodles named Better and Taco.

  • Awards & Nominations: • 2001 (won) - Best Supporting Actress, Saturn Award, for X-Men2001 (won) - Favorite Supporting Actress - Science Fiction, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, for X-Men2003 (nominated) - Choice Movie Actress - Drama/Action Adventure, Teen Choice Award, for X22003 (nominated) - Choice Movie Liar, Teen Choice Award, for X22003 (nominated) - Worst Supporting Actress, Razzie Award, for Rollerball2004 (nominated) - Sexiest She-Villain, MTV Movie Award (Mexico), for X22008 (nominated) - Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, SAG Award, for Ugly Betty, shared with castmates

  • Rebecca never wore makeup nor had her hair done until she started modeling in 1991.

  • Rebecca's favorite foods are fillet mignon, tuna sashimi, and Häagen-Dazs Cappuccino Commotion ice cream. Her favorite passion is Vintage clothes. Among her favorite Broadway shows are Sound of Music, Gypsy, and Grease.

  • Romijn is a terrible cook. The whole time that she was married to John [Stamos], she only cooked two meals.

  • In 1997, Rebecca did a cover for GQ that shows her in a bikini bottom with Dennis Rodman's hands painted on her chest. In 1999, Rebecca graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition with a painted-on swimsuit.

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