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  • Renee: I remember when Rob (Tapert) was first trying to get Xena off of the ground, I wasn't actually with him, but I remember it was just fresh, that we were the underdogs, no one was expecting very much of us, and it's just incredible to see what's happened since then. We' re probably on the preface of some sort of revolutionary role for women.

  • Renee O'Connor: (when talking at a "Xena" convention about Gabrielle's "peacenik" phase) You didn't like that, did you? I did.

  • Renee: (when she heard that Lucy Lawless had gone to a fashion show in drag) Who would have thought of that? I'd probably do it, but I wouldn't have thought of it. I think that's brilliant, living large.

  • Renee: (on directing) I think the joy of wanting to direct is having that nervous anxiety knowing your film is abot to be shown and you're sitting right there with everyone. You're going to hear the response. To me that's a scary feeling I need to address.

  • Renee O'Connor: Now any time I see a show that has action, I can't help but see things we used to do (on Xena) and how it works. It's like the magic isn't there anymore. Like when you go to a magic show and you know how they do the illusions. That's how I am when I watch any movies where they have people flying through the air.

  • Renee O'Connor: I remember (playing) Gabrielle hitting a tree (with her staff) during "The Geater Good". They kept giving me more and more staffs to hit the tree 'cuz I kept bending them. I can't remember who ws directing- it's like another lifetime- but he kept saying, 'Go until you can't go anymore.' Well, I kept going and they were running out of staffs. They were worried, too. I was on the last one.

  • Renee O'Connor: Maybe they say they do but I don't think many actors really enjoy trying to do a Shakespearean play. I find that actors who are wanting to pursue tv or films don't seem to have much interest in classical theatre.

  • Renee O'Connor: (on playing Gabrielle) I don't think she ever felt fear of Xena or Xena's history. And that is one of the things that probably made her warm and inviting to Xena. She was one of the few people who wasn't afraid of her.

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  • Renee is afraid to let anyone put mascara on her, so she does this part of her make-up herself.

  • Renee's parent's own a restaurant called Threadgill's in Texas, and this restaurant was the site of the first Xena convention.

  • Renee did very little of the singing for the two musicals of Xena: Warrior Princess. Instead she mouthed the words to someone else's singing in her place, except during the songs "War" and "Getting Ready" from the episode "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire".

  • Renee starred in the movie eXtreme Reality, which was a mockumentary about a reality dating show.

  • Xena: Warrior Princess costar Lucy Lawless tried to teach Renee how to do the Xena war-cry a number of times, but Renee just couldn't pick it up. However, she thought that was just as well, because it was funnier to have Gabrielle not be able to do it.

  • The production companies ROC Productions and ROC Pictures are owned by Renee.

  • Renee was present for both of her fellow Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless' concerts in January of 2007. Renee joined Lucy on stage and helped with some backup vocals and dance moves.

  • Renee's first tv kiss was on The Mickey Mouse Club serial Teen Angel.

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