Renee Taylor

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  • Renee: All my plays are about transformation. Transformation through love - how love heals you - how love transforms you. I feel that I was transformed by the love of my husband.

  • Renee: I think that every actress should write her own projects, create her own vehicles. I continued to write because the things that were offered to me weren't necessarily what I wanted to do.

  • Renee: (on her character from The Nanny) Mothers on TV used to be asexual. Mothers never flirted with men. So I'm blazing new trails!

Trivia (18)

  • Renee was discovered by Academy Award nominated director, screenwriter, and actress, Elaine May.

  • When Renee and Joe got married in 1965 they had originally planned to have their wedding reception at New York's famous Tavern on the Green, but soon found out it was too expensive. Merv Griffin, whose show Renee worked on at the time, offered to pay for their reception (on the set of his show) if the couple agreed to allow it to be filmed and later shown on Merv's show. In the end Renee and Joe agreed and their wedding reception was televised on The Merv Griffin Show.

  • Renee is very close friends with actress/singer Lainie Kazan, and wrote the part of "Tess LaRuffa" in Bermuda Avenue Triangle just for her.

  • In 1997 Renee was inducted into the "Bronx Walk of Fame" by Bronx Borough President Adolfo CarriĆ³n, Jr. Other inductees include Regis Philbin, Rita Moreno, and Stanley Kubrick.

  • When not acting, Renee works as a motivational speaker for other actors, and can by hired via the American Talent & Celebrity Network.

  • Renee met husband Joe Bologna on the set of a television commercial which he was directing and she was starring in. Renee says that right after she was introduced to him she thought to herself, "this is the man I am going to marry."

  • In 1986 Renee released the book, My Life on a Diet: Confessions of a Hollywood Diet Junkie, a spoof on dieting in Hollywood.

  • In the 1950s, at the start of her career, Renee worked as a a revue comedienne and writer in New York.

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