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  • Richard: If I am introduced to anyone, I find it incredibly embarrassing - and that's quite an immature position to have arrived at, at my age. It's obviously awkward but I don't mean that in an ungrateful way.

  • Richard: I'm able to bring a unique brand of commercial failure to the most successful people.

  • Richard: [I would most like to direct] a nunsploitation for Girls Aloud with them as nuns but in a horror setting. The nun chainsaw video. But I'm sure that's probably not a direction they are going in.

  • Richard: I like people playing guitars leaning up against cars or in a field. It's a bit like Monty Python being in a field playing instruments. Cars are good for entrances and exits. And there is something about driving that is quite cliched in a funny way. I like Roy Orbison's video for I Drove All Night because it's so literal. It is just a man driving throughout the night. I like that silliness. To be in a video is a ridiculous thing. It's almost impossible to do it without any humour.

  • Richard: (about Dinosaur Jr.) I was standing in what I thought was a really good position, quite close, and everyone just started jumping up and down. I lost half a tooth immediately. I didn't know everyone jumped up and down. Because I was from Ipswich.

  • Richard: I don't know anything about computers. I resisted getting the internet for a long time. Even saying, 'Getting the internet' ...

  • Richard: This probably illustrates why I haven't done many ... um, you know. I'm just terrible. At talking. With words.

  • Richard: I'm not sure I'd hire myself in anything. I certainly couldn't be an actor. That would be terrible. For everyone.

Trivia (28)

  • Richard's direction of the Arctic Monkeys' concert film 'At The Apollo' was voted Best DVD at the Shockwaves NME Awards on February 25 2009.

  • Richard is the only cast member who has been carried over from the original UK version of The IT Crowd to the American adaptation, reprising his role as Moss.

  • Richard's surname, 'Ayoade' is pronounced 'eye-waddie'.

  • In 2009, Richard is working on adapting a screen play of the novel Submarine, and intends to direct this film during the summer of 2009.

  • Richard helped write 'The Mighty Book of Boosh', along with Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Rich Fulcher, Dave Brown and Michael Fielding.

  • In 2007 he directed the new Arctic Monkeys DVD entitled 'Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo' which was recorded at the Manchester Apollo. It was previewed at VUE cinemas across the UK during October 2008 and was released on DVD the following month, winning the NME Best DVD award.

  • In 2009 Richard directed the music video for Kasabian's song, Vlad the Impaler, which starred Noel Fielding.

  • Richard directed videos for 'Oxford Comma' and 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' by Vampire Weekend.

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