Richard Denning

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  • Richard Denning : It takes money to make money. Anything worth having is worth working for.

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  • Mr. Denning stood 6'2" tall, the same height as Jack Lord. However, whenever the two of them were in a scene together, Lord seemed to tower over him. Lord made the habit of wearing his 'Stoney Burke' boots whenever McGarrett was to share a scene with the Governor.

  • Richard Denning was Layman Lutheran Minister in his later years.

  • Richard Denning was a very giving man. However, if someone was in need of financial help, he was more likely to help them find a job rather than giving them money.

  • Paramount studios kept Richard Denning under contract from 1937 to 1942 because he was the spiritual and physical leader of Dick Denning's Demons, the studio bowling team. He was averaging in the neighborhood of 200 pins a line at the time.

  • Richard Denning actually had a paper doll fashioned after him for the "Karen" series that he had. Recently I found three uncut sets and gifted them to his daughter and granddaughters for Christmas 2006. All were amazed and said that Richard probably never knew they existed.

  • Richard was a member of Beverly Hills Lutheran Church and often took part in Bible studies, one in particular was in the home of Pat Boone.

  • When Richard first broke into acting, he decided to shorten his name from Denninger to Denning as it sounded too much like "Dillinger," the gangster from the same time period.

  • Richard didn't legally change his last name to Denning until his daughter was well into high school.

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