Richard Dreyfuss

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  • [On the state panel and public discussions] Richard Dreyfuss: The melodrama of rudeness and interrupting and yelling and screaming is the only way that people now know, experience public discussion of public issues. They don't know that there were alternative ways of discussing these things.

Trivia (23)

  • Richard is the voice of Moses in The Word of Promise, a dramatized audio book of the New Testament released by Thomas Nelson in October of 2007.

  • Richard is of Jewish Descent.

  • Richard was born in Brooklyn but he grew up in Los Angeles.

  • Richard graduated from Beverly Hills High School.

  • Richard was a conscientious objector to the war in Vietnam.

  • Richard auditioned for The Sound of Music.

  • At the time of Richard's Academy Award win for The Goodbye Girl he was the youngest man to win for Best Actor, he was 30. With Adrien Brody's win for The Pianist he took that spot, winning at age 29.

  • Richard has no memory of filming Who's Life is it Anyway? due to his serious drug problem.

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