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1/14/1966, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

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  • Born Richard Lee Deskin Junior, Rik Deskin is a professional actor, director, stage manager and stagehand. As a child, he was also interested in TV and comic books. He has said that Batman was one of his inspirations growing up in Northern Kentucky.
    Rik graduated from Jersey Village High School and acquired his acting skills through Drama classes and starring in plays. He eventually learned to direct and produce his own plays. He also appeared in several plays, while attending the Cornish College of the Arts, including Belles, Asleep in the Deep, Boeing Boeing, and Hot Shots.
    Rik has made collaborations with Rosemary Poole-Carter who is a playwright and writer and they have produced many plays such as Mossy Cape. Rik is the founder of the Eclectic Theater Company in Seattle and is a member in Screen Actors Guild and Actors' Equity. He is married to Kim Deskin and they have four children together.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Richard Lee Deskin Jr.



    Birth Place:

    Hamilton, Ohio, USA

    Also Known As

    Richard Lee Deskin Jr.

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    • (On joining unions) Rik: It's also nice to get free movie passes and play tickets. The perks do outweigh the dues, and when I work on projects, I know that as a twenty-year veteran of stage and film, I will be treated and compensated fairly for my work as an actor.

    • Rik: You know what? It's been very interesting to watch my kids work as actors. Kim and I never pushed them into it, and none of them seems that interested in pursuing it as a career, but they are good at it.

    • (On Batman) Rik: He always has a plan. Like a master chess player, he has already anticipated his opponents' moves and arranged for measures in defeating that opponent. He has no super-powers other than his mind. He's the world's greatest detective, and this year he was finally portrayed correctly on film by Christian Bale. He also cares about people. Deep down he wants to save everyone from the horror he went through as a child. Actors can learn from Batman.

    • Rik: I would love to go to NY and just may some day, but LA is a little closer and more manageable. Seattle will always be my home base though, and it would take a huge chunk of money to uproot my family-we love it here! I would like to make a living as an actor here, but the higher profile work is what I'm really interested in pursuing.

    • Rik: What I hope for my kids is that they work in whatever career they are happiest in. And, of course, that they have long, safe lives. If they choose acting, then maybe, like this past summer where I got to work with my whole family (plus my niece and nephew), I will have the privilege of working with them on a project. They are my favorite performers.

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    • He is a vegan.

    • He took classes at The Comedy Workshop.

    • Rik attended Jersey Village High School.

    • He has a baritone voice.

    • Rik is a part of the AEA Liaison Committee and the Seattle SAG Branch Council.

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