Rob Dyrdek

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  • Rob Dyrdek: We don't go to some training facility because there is no such thing. I'm 31 and everyday I run from the cops, just like the kids do.

  • Rob Dyrdek: (on the show Life of Ryan) They just sort of come from time to time. Jackass was skate based, which led to Wildboyz and Viva La Bam. We take more of a comic approach, and Ryan's is more like The Hills with skateboarding attached. A skateboarder is the ultimate rock star, because it's a mix of being a rock star and an athlete. The stars of our sport have big personalities. They're characters.

Trivia (23)

  • He holds 21 Ginuess World Records, all of them have to do with skateboarding.

  • He has broke every finger on his left hand from skateboarding and has also broke his nose while skateboarding.

  • Rob got his first skateboard when he was 12.

  • Rob's father is Gene Dyrdek.

  • Rob has the word "Relentless" tattooed on his right arm.

  • Rob resides in Hollywood Hills with Big Black as of 2007.

  • He is a character in the video game Skate.

  • Rob is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

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