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  • Robert Picardo: I think there was an impulse, a subconscious impulse to hold onto my own image. Once you've licensed your face away to a studio-owned television and movie franchise, there is a sense of a loss of control when they take your face and put it on book covers or make toys out of you… whatever. So, there was an impulse on my part to say, "Well, if I'm going to be part of a brand name, I might as well join the club and make myself into one, rather than fight it."

  • (on his character Alphonso from the Acme Comedy Theatre) Robert Picardo: So I wanted to play a completely self-absorbed character who thought he was God's gift to women.

  • (on authoring his "self help" book) Robert Picardo: It's a, if you're smarter than everyone else that you have to work with, it's how to get along with inferiors.

  • (on his Stargate character) Robert Picardo: Also, he's not very much of a people person; he doesn't have very good interpersonal skills. He had to learn an awful lot, but mostly he had to learn to trust his senior officers. And he had to trust his own instincts and willingness to put the rulebook down and go with his gut, which was the hardest thing, I think, for him to do because he's a very intellectual person.

  • (on being in both Star Trek and Stargate Universe) Robert Picardo: I am proud to be the only actor who's played a starring role in both of the major franchises. I am happy that the characters were distinct and different, and I'm really particularly happy that the Stargate fans accepted me – not only as a different character, if they were familiar with my work on Star Trek, but that they also grew to accept me as a leader.

  • Robert Picardo: I think probably I've had the most fun working on stage. The actor is most in control when you're working live. Even though you develop your performance under the supervision of a director, every night you are responsible for recreating your performance; so that, I think, is really the most exciting, especially for someone who started as a stage actor.

  • Robert Picardo: My dream is to go back to Broadway, and I'd love to create a role in Broadway musical. I'd love to play Willy Lowman in Death of A Salesman.

  • Robert Picardo: I think that the best thing that you can do once you achieve any level of success is to pay it forward and be as gracious and as easy to work with as you can be. Young actors should learn their craft, study and have great deal of self discipline.

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  • On Jan. 23, 2011, Robert made a guest appearance at Star Trek: The Exhibition in Louisville, KY, which features props from the various Trek series.

  • Robert's favorite actor to work with was Jack Lemmon.

  • Robert lost $167,500 to fellow Star Trek actor Levar Burton in a special charity episode of The Weakest Link.

  • In 2010, Robert participated in An Evening with Robert Picardo, a charity event that will benefit the CityRep Theatre in Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Robert was the special VIP guest at the 2010 Fandemonium.

  • Robert's main hobby is cooking.

  • Robert has a number short films on at Acme Brand Comedy website where he plays an Italian gigolo named Alphonso.

  • Robert's favorite episodes on Voyager were Someone to Watch Over Me, Latent Image and Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy.

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