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4/21/1959, Blackpool, Lancashire, England

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  • Robert James Smith's parents are Alex and Rita Smith. Robert is the third of four children. His siblings are Richard (12 July 1946), Margaret (27 February 1950), and Janet (30 August 1960). Robert lived in Blackpool until he was three and then his family moved to Horley, Surry, England. In Horley Robert went to St. Francis Primary school. In 1966 his family moved to Crawley Sussex, England, where he went to St. Francis Junior School until 1970. From 1970 till 1972 Robert went to an experimental middle school called Notre Dame. From 1972 till 1977 Robert went to St. Wilfrids Comprehensive School. In 1976, Robert, Michael Dempsey, Lol Tolhurst and Porl Thompson formed a band, which was called The Easy Cure. Two years later the band changed the name to The Cure. During the same year Porl Thompson left the band. After Porl Thompson left the band they were signed on to Fiction, Chris Parry's record label.moreless

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    Robert James Smith



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    Blackpool, Lancashire, England

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    • Robert: (on how he proposed to his wife Mary) When we were in Miraval recording the Kiss Me album. She thought I was joking.

    • Robert (on making videos) I suppose videos are quite fun but I still hate making them. The last one we did for In Between Days was exhausting because I had to wear the camera strapped to me for five hours. We also did one for another single - it was about claustrophobia and Tim Pope (the director) suggested that we illustrate being trapped inside a wardrobe. It was the most uncomfortable 12 hours that I've ever spent. He ended up dropping the wardrobe - with us still in it - into a huge tank filled with 1000 gallons of water. Watching it you'd think is was fun, but all I could think about was dying a slow, painful death. We did Lovecats during the night in this old house which we got into on the pretext of wanting to buy it. We took a film crew and had a party and at some point made the video. We were sat outside the estate agents at six the next morning waiting to return his key. That's what I hate about videos - having to be on call from first thing in the morning. If I had to go to Heaven at nine in the morning I think I'd be quite unhappy. You also have to put so much into them so it looks like you're having a good time, when really you're in a semi-coma wishing you were home in bed.

    • Robert: (on performing) Five years ago I used to be completely immobile onstage because the music was so intense. I feel a lot more comfortable now, but I'm still not totally natural. I need to lose myself in what's going on. Sometimes I'll get to the end of a song, open my eyes and there's all these faces peering at me. It's quite horrifying.

    • Robert: (on songwriting) think I've written some completely brilliant songs in my time - and some completely awful ones. Overall I write better songs than 99 per cent of what's in the chart at the moment. I could write songs as bad as Wham's if I really felt the urge to, but what's the point? So many songs these days are very shallow.

    • Robert: (On drinking before going on stage) It was more to liberate me from my natural reservations. I got past it on Curiosa. For the first time in my life I went on stage straight and I found out I enjoyed it. I always knew when we were playing stadiums that I was too drunk to be good but it didn't seem to matter that much to people. It was more the event or the occasion and I got away with it more. I am keenly aware more than anyone of how old I am I've always maintained that there's something reasonably charming about seeing a 17-year old fall over after one beer too many and very far from charming seeing a 47-year old keel over after one beer too many. So that's another reason why I don't drink like I used to but I still have a fair go at it when I'm with friends. I acknowledge my age, but I'm not thrilled about getting older. Nobody ever is, but it's not as crippling as it used to be for me to understand that I'm getting older.

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    • When Robert was asked what would he repeat if he could go back in time, his response was that he'd like to repeat his first dance with Mary.

    • Robert's favorite wedding present was a platinum heart that his wife, Mary, gave him.

    • The women who appears in the photo on the cover of the Cure's single Pictures of You is Mary, Robert's wife. He took the picture while on vacation in Scotland in 1981.

    • Robert and Mary Smith do not have any children of their own. However, they live in close proximity to his siblings and spends a lot of time with his nephews and nieces.

    • Robert's band, The Cure won the Brit Award for British Video in 1990 for their song Lullaby.

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