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  • In the 1970s Robert Sterling worked as vice president and spokesman for a company that implemented the software for one of the first supermarket barcoding and computer inventory systems. He later launched his own business, Sterling & Sons, a Santa Monica-based company that manufactured custom golf clubs.

  • Robert Sterling died May 30, 2006 of natural causes following a decade-long battle with shingles. In his Brentwood by his bedside at the time of his death were his son, and wife of 55 years. The man that was once deemed the "the ghost with the most" died at the age of 88. It can be said that he lived a long happy life with Anne Jeffreys.

  • In 1958 there was a short lived television show called "Love that Jill." This was the second show that stared real life husband and wife, Robert Sterling and Anne Jeffreys. The show premise was the husband and wife worked for rival New York modeling agencies. The show ran one season with 13 episodes 30 minutes episodes.

  • Robert Sterling last know acting role was as Randy in "A Global Affair" (1964).

  • Robert Sterlings last known work in a movie or television show was as Executive Producer for "Winter Kills" (1979).

  • Robert Sterling's father died in 1936. Robert was 19 years old. Robert's father was Chicago Cubs catcher William S. Hart. Because of William's early death, he never got to experience his son's successful television or movie career.

  • Robert Sterling's father was William (Bill)Hart. Bill was a professional baseball player who debut on July 26, 1886. His last game was before Robert's birth July 30, 1901. Bill batted and threw right handed. He was 5' 10" tall and his playing weight was 163 pounds. Bill Hart played for the Chicago Cubs and his position was catcher.

  • When asked about Anne Jeffreys was asked about her husband, Robert Sterling, she responded to SOAP OPERA WEEKLY on April 4, 2001: "I wasn't going to marry him. Marry a good-looking actor? Fight off the women all the time? He was handsome and he was fun. As it turned out, I couldn't have found a more loyal, wonderful husband."

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