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  • Robert Young: I was an introvert in an extrovert profession.

  • Robert Young: All those years at MGM I hid a black terror behind a cheerful face.

  • Robert Young told a reporter that he was once having a disagreement with his daughter. When he did not know the answer to her problem she fired back at him, "Jim Anderson always knows." To which Rober Young reponded, "Jim Anderson has two writers. Bob Young doesn't have any."

Trivia (19)

  • After Marcus Welby, MD came to an end, Robert Young became the spokesperson for Sanka, a popular decaffeinated coffee.

  • Robert Young has been awarded three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One star is located on 6933 Hollywood Blvd for his skills in motion pictures. Another star is located on 1620 Vine Street for his acting in radio. The third star is for his roles on the television and is located on 6360 Hollywood Blvd. The maximum number of stars that can be awarded is five.

  • Robert Young is one of the more famous graduates of Abraham Lincoln High School located in Los Angeles, California. His acting education as with most actors of his day was not in college but at local playhouses. Robert Young received this training at Pasadena Playhouse.

  • Robert Young appeared in 100 movies. His film career went from 1931 to 1952. It is only after he left the movies and was cast in television that he received his fame and fortune. In the movies he was a "tier B" leading man status and was cast in mostly "B-movies" known as programmers. In television he won awards for his leading roles.

  • Robert Young was the son of an Irish immigrant father, Thomas Young. His mother, Margaret Young was born in America.

  • Robert Young won a 30-year battle with alcoholism and depression. In later years he went public about his personal struggles. He was so thankful to a psychiatrist in Illinois that he made a large donation to the Franciscan Medical Center in East Moline, Illinois. That donation opened the Robert Young Center for Community Mental Health.

  • It is said by Robert Young's fans that he never refused a request for an autograph.

  • Robert Young had an older brother who was an actor. His brother's given name was Joseph Young. Joseph used three screen names: Joe Young, Joseph Young and Robert Moore. He is no relation the popular British actor who is a former James Bond.

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