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  • Robin: I need to be home for a while. I've been working for two-and-a-half years, so I want to go back to New York with my husband and hang out with my dogs!

  • Robin: I tend to be drawn to the more aberrant characters. There's more to do with them.

  • Robin: I'm attracted to roles where I don't have to wear makeup.

  • Robin: My friends that are snobs think its cool I did a movie with Albert Brooks.

  • Robin: I haven't really done a lot of comedies. I don't know why, because I really like them.

  • Robin: Everything you read now is like a remake of a movie you've already seen. With independent film, things are more character-driven.

  • Robin: I stripped down for Allure photos.

  • Robin: I'm really proud to have been in The Craft. I will always be that chick from The Craft, no matter what I do.

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Trivia (13)

  • Robin underwent five weeks of mountaineering training before filming in order for her to star in the 2000 movie.

  • Robin won a Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival's Volpi Cup, for her performance in Niagra Niagra, playing a young women with Tourette's Syndrome. She was sent a 900 page package from the Tourette's centre, in order to play her character.

  • Robin's most recent acting roles,is in the horror/thriller film, The Zodiac(2005), where she played Laura Parish,one of the lead actors.

  • Robin starred in the hit movie Vertical Limit (2000) as Annie Garrett.

  • Robin wore a wig in the 1996 movie The Craft because she had shaved her head for her role in Empire Records (1995).

  • At the age of eighteen, Robin moved to Los Angeles, where she began finding work on various television shows.

  • Robin spent her summers performing in stage productions such as Bus Stop and Agnes of God.

  • One of Robin's first acting roles was in the 1987 TV show Frog where she played Hannah.

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