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  • Ron: (on working with Linda Hamilton, looks up at the ceiling, big smile on his face) It was tough. Linda Hamilton is a consummate professional. I don't think I've ever worked with an actor that was more prepared for the day's work than she, and more dedicated to getting it right than she. I thought I was a guy who did his homework, but she caught me a number of times, sort of unprepared and she brought out the best in me. There was no way you could give halfway when you worked with Linda. In terms of her being the beauty, it made my work a lot easier because she was. And she is.

  • Ron: (on the relationship between Vincent and Catherine The reason why the relationship rings true is that I have a real affection for Linda. I find her an incredible beautiful person and one who possesses a wide range of emotions. Feeling that way about her makes it very easy for Vincent to love Catherine.

  • Ron Perlman: You draw on your own childhood every time you tee it up as an actor.

  • Ron Perlman: You do what you gotta do. This is not heart surgery. I'm not curing cancer. I'm just trying to put my kids through school.

  • Ron Perlman: Yeah, it's nice to get paid for therapy rather than having to pay $240 an hour for it.

  • Ron Perlman: The great thing about arriving at this age is that I don't even care about my career anymore.

  • Ron Perlman: I've never worked with a tail, that I can remember. But there's so much I can't remember.

  • Ron Perlman: I'm thankful to be breathing, on this side of the grass. Whatever comes, comes.

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  • He frequently appears as characters who are deformed or inhuman, starting with his role as Amoukar in Guerre du feu, La (1981).

  • With a career spanning over three decades, Ron Perlman has worked alongside such diverse actors as Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, Cameron Diaz, Brad Dourif, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Jude Law, Christina Ricci, Wesley Snipes, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Wincott, and Elijah Wood to name a few.

  • He has played everything from a prehistoric tribesman to a good-hearted Colonel, and will always be a rarity in Hollywood.

  • His first real breakthrough came when he landed the role of Vincent, the lion-man, opposite Linda Hamilton in the cult-series Beauty and the Beast (1987). His work in this role earned him not only a Golden Globe Award, but a huge fan following.

  • While he has never been a bankable star, Ron Perlman has always had a large fan-base. He started out strong as Amoukar, one of the tribesmen in Jean-Jacques Annaud's Academy Award-winning film, Guerre du feu, La (1981), for which he got a Genie nomination. Perlman teamed up with Annaud again in '86, this time as a hunchback named Salvatore in Name der Rose, Der (1986).

  • His hobbies include golf, jazz, pool and stand-up comedy.

  • He was ranked in US Magazine's First Annual Reader's Poll - Third runner-up for Best Dramatic Actor as Vincent in "Beauty and the Beast" (1987). [1988]

  • He was ranked in Star Magazine's Reader's Poll as Best Dramatic Actor as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast (1987).

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